2023 into 2024 trade talk (Part 4)

Tsatas could be our Dangerfield in time?

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Caddy will add some ■■■■

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Luamon Lual could also be our Corey Enright

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Yeah keep for me despite that comparison. :thinking:

Any chance Williams from WC who is from here. Pines footy club. Ruck/Forward.

He said he could be the pick for 1 though.

Why would you keep a forward as defensive depth?

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If we could get Perryman in as a free agent, I’d have Kelly on the curb before Harrys signature could dry

Goldstein (retired)
Heppell will finally jump on his sword in to a Cushie coaching role

As 2MP is contracted till 2027, Jones will be offered up as trade bait… wait till after the bye to hear the coaching staff start talking about how integral he is to the fwd line structure pumping up his value

I think its fair to say we need a little more effort from the guys you’ve mentioned at times, but Frampton and Kreuger are benefitting from how Collingwood are playing despite the injuries.

Last 5 games, Collingwood have upped their clearance work and dominated from midfield - this can be seen through a few key stats;

40.8 clerances per game, #2nd in comp
136 contested poss #6th
93 ground ball gets #6th

49.8 inside 50s #11th
11 marks inside 50th #14th

Compared to us;
32 clearances #18th
129 contested possessions #13th
85 ground ball gets #14th

61 i50s #2nd
14 marks i50 #3rd

Collingwood are happy to go direct through corridor and have stepped up their contested game to combat their injuries - their current stats match closely to ours earlier in the season when we had a full midfield. Winning the contest allows cleaner inside 50s, compared to ours now which are usually off a turnover in our back half or tackle / contest pressure which gives teams time to get back and flood our forward line. We dont seem to use the corridor much and I’d say that is because of how bad our defensive transition was earlier this year until after the Port game, which matches with us being highly rated for i50s and marks i50 - they are shallow, boundary riding inside 50s. Collingwood however, will have less i50 marks and i50s in general, but find themselves either running back towards open goal or kicking to 1 on 1s more often.

Sorry to tag on your post, though we do need to make plenty of changes to our forward line (or get back to being one of the better stoppage teams). We lack a contested marking forward, so unless we are willing to go more direct on attack, this forward line ineffectiveness will be here to stay.


This. Over and Over. Our forwards should read this, and uppercut themselves


Cal getting in Harleys ear about coming to Essendon? :thinking: :grin:


Is Stengle a free agent? The AFL website has him as a previously delisted unrestricted free agent. Didn’t know that was a thing.

If you ever get delisted, you have UFA rights for your career whenever you’re out of contract



We need to will this into existence.


Let’s get it done!

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Sounds to me like Wardlaw would have put himself first and let Tsatas and Ashcroft fight for second. Sheezel has had a great start.

He was their watching Will Duursma, younger brother to X, Zane and Yasmin (edited) who Harley is dating.

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Yasmin. Which I mention just because they’re X, Y, and Z in descending order of age. And then Will Duursma, whose middle name I presume is “Oops”.


hf: Gresham Caddy Guelfi
f: Stengle Langford Wright

Is that a good afl forward line?
maybe we add J Davey or Kako