2023 into 2024 trade talk (Part 4)

Sounds like he wants to be closer to Betts.

$800k for Perryman is genuinely bananas.


Stengle makes sense, he certainly fills a need for us and closes off another missing cog in our premiership tilt from a list perspective.

My only query relates to Stengles lifestyle and balance. It appears he’s a player who has had challenges off field previously and needs a great supportive environment around him. I note he lives several days a week with Eddie Betts out Essendon way which is a plus. He also has a guardian managing his lifestyle it seems.

So, I think Essendon will need to demonstrate it’s well equipped to provide Tyson the right environment to ensure he’s happy, focussed and committed. I think we learnt a lot with Tippa which would stand us well in this respect and Brad Scott would be an ideal ‘father figure’ as he has been helping Stringer get his mind, body and lifestyle into balance.




Betts lives in Glen Iris - very close to St Kilda annoyingly.


that wouldn’t be an impediment. Monash / Citylink easy access. Essendon much closer than Geelong!


800 is the new 600 when you consider the salary cap increases tbf, expect average to good players getting these types of deals from now on.


Scott Gullan is married to Frank Costas daugther i think he would have good sources at Geelong

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I’d pay Stengle 800 without a second thought. It’s the most glaringly obvious hole in the list


Good sauces

Good sauwces

Oh for Stengle, I’d let the club pay him $800k and I’d personally drive him to training myself.

Anything above a mid range player wage for Perryman, on the other hand, is absolutely wild.

I disagree. Instant upgrade on Heppell/Kelly.

don’t pay the Perryman


still closer to Essendon than travelling to Geelong hey?

Well you can take Blake Hardwick’s name off the list. Just signed with the Hawks for another 5 years.


Would be wrapped with stengle this year, ldu next year, two A graders. We don’t need more b grade players and paying them overs to move, it’s not smart list management.

Who else is in the running for Stengle?

We get Stengle and we start challenging for top 4.

We won’t get Stengle.

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Yep, he is a beautiful kick for goal too which would be invaluable right now.