2023 Round 10 Non-Tullamarine Games

Yartapuulti vs Naarm
Yern-da-ville vs Warrane
Maribyrnong vs Tarntanya
Walyalup vs Djilang
Meeanjin vs Karara
Boorondara vs Boorloo
Quor-nong vs Yalla-birr-ang
Ngurra vs Yooruk

Hopefully I typed all of those right, and spell-check didn’t screw me over.

P.S. Fark Quo-yung, and particularly Fark Quor-nong.

Source: Footy Live app




Doing the standard North game into Essendon game double with my North mate.

I’ve blatantly lied to her and said the bin chickens are ■■■■ enough for them to be a chance

I also refused to follow your silly “two numbers in a row” naming format.

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Rare time its ok for the Klan to win this week too. ■■■■ Calrton.


Maribyrnong vs Tarntanya could be an absolute cracker. Both teams hitting some really solid form.

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don t like AC but he’s not what he’s being portrayed
hope he’s ok

Doing exactly the same scotty21

Five of us flying down from NSW as it was the only weekend when both the Bombers and Bin Chickens play in Melbourne
We used to come down for the Bombers vs Shitney but haven’t done that since Goodes missed after the siren and we worked out that we could get an extra night away if we went to two games :wink:

Only change is our Bin Chicken supporting mate has bailed on us this year yet we’re still gonna go to the game which will likely be a yawn fest that the Swans should get a win

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No, it’s not ok. Time for the Klan to be pegged down a notch. By any means necessary. FC aren’t contenders so, although reluctantly and contrary to my values, on this occasion I hope they win.


My thoughts exactly. Ordinarily I would always cheer against the scum regardless of their opponent, but they’re not doing any damage any time soon.

Anything which can halt the filth’s momentum is for the greater good

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Only problem is if Collingwood lose, they could come back even stronger. Better to lull them into a false sense of competence. Unfortunately, they are quite good atm.

Any win which pumps up the Pies tyres at this stage, only makes their fall from grace in the finals even more painful for their supporters. Go Pies.

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I want Collingwood to absolutely thrash that toilet bowl club, and watch the media pile the pressure on


Wishing Fark Carlton to win should be a punishable offence. Death by cannon


I’m claiming special permission on this occasion because I am surrounded by Pies supporters.



But on the other hand, don’t ban!

Can’t we cheer for a draw?

Or better, where they both have points deducted after serious infractions uncovered, with the added penalty of playing without points for the rest of the season. It happened to Storm IIRC.


What if I fire the cannon at the game. We all get what we want.

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Mega brawl on field with staff intervening, match abandoned. The ones who don’t get suspended are out injured, staff sanctioned.

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