2023 Round 10 Non-Tullamarine Games

And Eddie exploding in the commentary box?


Should be a good one tonight.


Bit of rain this morning but ground looked in good Nick when I dropped in this arvo for the state game

Get ■■■■■■. :joy:

Nothing to do with pick 1 or anything… nah.

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That’s my new fav song nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah banana banana banana.
Simply awesome. Go :banana: !

Is it ok to says these versions of the songs aren’t very good?

Oh C’mon, it’s an improvement on the power song…will they sing never tear us apart in indigenous?

best welcome to country was this one


I hate BT. No acknowledgment for anything that happened. Ignored it all

Yep, that was awesome.

What did he not acknowledge?

Not sure about JHF being part of the indigenous group just because his step father is indigenous? But I’m neither indigenous nor a step child so maybe I’m ignorant. I know he’s very close with this step father and known him a long time. Seems strange to me.

I love that Narrm jumper !

Ya gonna buy 1?

If i was Melb…YES

Should be Melbourne’s clash jumper. Its awesome



I’m sure Port fans are missing Treacle tonight… it’s an abomination that BT is still commentating

Having flashbacks to Narrm

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lovely set play…