2023 trade talk (Part 2)

Not sure about that. They will trade 10 and 17 for 4 and then need points for Croft. Lohmann isn’t worth a first round anyway


Thanks for the update but why?

He was a pick around 20 odd who hasn’t been able to get a regular game. He is ooc so surely a late 2nd or early 3rd is enough despite the lions’s demands?

He is one id really like tbh.


Your bias is showing again.

No way any club is paying a first rounder for him, unless it’s some sort of pick swap thing and even then that’s highly unlikely.


Agree to disagree.

The Contract (money), onfield performance, and workplace culture, plays a huge part in player decisions.

Any player who might have had their eye on coming to Essendon, will be asking hard questions after that GWS loss.


7 years for Mackay is crazy.

In Matt Rosa we trust…

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That’s the price Brisbane will put on his head. It’s not right. I’m fairly confident the chance to play in ith Jake and nick will win out .

Plus there is another kid who may come home from peel to play VFL for us. Had a heads up last night after Rosa was confirmed. Rosa got him over to peel in the first place. Injuries stopped him from playing seniors. But over 9 games this player AVG 20 disp, 6 cl, 7 tackles 4 marks. Playing various roles.

Had he gone through the rebels system vs Bendigo he would’ve been better off.

As a junior he was a better player than lohmann. But was very skinny . Started playing senior Bendigo league at 16 with Kai . And are close mates . This will also come into play.

He is now a great size. Mid season rookie chance


If 7 years is true I’m happy to pass up on him.


It looks like we are using the new pay as a tool to offer short contracts and have a look first. Works for both parties.

Reckon it’s mind blowing to him, hence considering Hawks

I don’t trust anyone until they succeed.

Well one thing we can agree on is our contested and clearance game is poor. Brodie could contribute to improving that area


It simply astonishes me that Collingwood’s salary cap management over the past decade appears to have been done by a retarded monkey with syphillus and yet it really hasn’t mattered to their success … fire sales to offload players, bringing Beams back on massive coin when he kind of decided late in draft period to leave Brisbane, etc … and none of it has mattered to their on field performance. Simply astonishing


Pathetic is probably closer to the truth.

18th for clearances and 16th for contested possession.


No doubt it does.
What your missing out on though is the flow of communication between all parties.
Those hard questions would be responded to by a representative at the club. Whereas our concerns (personal or friends) aren’t even addressed to the club and are responded to by other people on an internet forum or other social media or news reports.

At no stage would things be ‘almost certain’ until contracts are ready to be signed.
Which is the point I’m making.
Negotiations are always fluid.

I’m perfectly fine with skipping McKay, and definitely if the contract is longer than 3 years (which it will be). I don’t want to give anyone with kicking skills and question marks over them that big for any long period of time. Far more fussed about contract term than salary.

If we don’t get him, we just take Ridley, Baldwin, Laverde, Reid and Hayes into next year. Weideman in a pinch. I’d be perfectly happy with that.

Hopefully we get a decent trade value for Zerk, given he’s best 18 and we’ve had 1 established year after 4-5 of development.


Considering their long history of successful rebuilds which leads to flag success, just pick Hawthorn (McKay) and we can be done with it.

Even for slightly less cash, it would be a smarter option for him. For the same offer? It’s done.

Why would you spend X amount of years at one club in the massive doldrums to go to another in the same boat?

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Reid will get injured again

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They’re saying they’ll match if the compensation is less than a second rounder, ie band 3. If he’s agreed to less than band 3 money matching isn’t going to break their salary cap. Hell, at that cost they may prefer to keep him.

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Before anyone says it Robertson has an offer from WC and is either going there or staying.

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