2023 trade talk (Part 2)

Good luck to them getting anything more than a 2nd round pick in a trade

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Reckon he is fairly happy with his million a year over 7. Especally given he fell out of favour at the Pies (mainly because they were paying him a million a year) and his output since suggests he wouldn’t have got that now.

As it stands he has 300k a year from the Pies plus whatever he negotates with the Swans which will not be below the coin he is on now, but can be above, the 300k he gets from Collingwood regardless.

Reckon he is sitting back fairly happy he signed a 7 year deal at the Pies.


If we miss out on McKay then so be it. If it leaves such a big (temporary) hole in defence then maybe spending some time in the bottom 4 whilst we wait for Hayes / Reid etc to come good will help set us up for the future.

Also don’t mind giving Weideman a pre-season in defence, and bigger exposure to Baldwin.


Suspect 7 years v 6 with us if true won’t be the difference between who McKay chooses.

If he’s any good and stays half healthy then he will probably get another year or two later with us anyways

It’ll be success driven. Hawks admittedly after they add another high pick and Ryan, and McKay, are going to ■■■■ up a lot of teams next season. Good young core.

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Yep. Would be a good get for free, but he’s not a difference maker.

Tyson was a good footballer.


Reckon any deal that long will have triggers rather than being automatic he will be 32 at the end of 7 years. Any deal will be in the cap regardless if he fails.

We fought hard to avoid giving Parish a 6th year, but happy to throw that at Ben McKay?



Wasn’t anyone offering Parish a contract that suggested we needed to… He didn’t have the power in the negotation. It would appear that with 3 clubs lobing contracts, if (and a big if given the BS in the media) the reports are correct there is for McKay.

Yeah, true that.

Needing to offer a 6 year deal to land Ben friggin McKay seems like a solid reason not to go for him.


The last 2 times I’ve opened this thread Ive seen Todd Goldstein and Dougall Howard



6 years is a good outcome. It’ll take three weeks for everyone to turn on him when Taberner kicks his fifth, and then we’ve got a guaranteed whipping boy to joyfully rage and gnash teeth over , with added bonus of also being able to slaughter the list management decisions, for at least half a decade.

This guy has managed 71 games in 7 full years. You’re basically offering Dean Wallis a 6 year contract. Simply, literally, because he’s the only player available in a perceived position of need. On performance, he’s not worth anything like that sort of deal. So don’t complain if he ends up being what he’s so far been - not great, just an average key position player. But of course, we all will.


Aceman what are your thoughts on Hately could he be a gamble worth taking what type of player is he ie. BBM or winger or purely onball

Port are offering 5 and good money for Esava Ratugolea and they have to trade for him.

And that’s also a stupid thing to do.


And cats are asking for a first rounder, starting with the Dodoro hand book.

Crazy cats demanding a first rounder for a depth player, yet got a best 22 player in Bowes plus a first rounder plus smoothed out his payments.

They will be after at least a future second, draft falls away greatly making second rounders this year unattractive.

He is utterly garbage. Many had doubts on him before he was drafted and it turns out they were right. Just isn’t really good in any facet of the game. He is also a real mummy’s boy so doubt he will leave SA again after the stink she kicked up last time.
He will be back at the Dogs in the SANFL or getting paid decent cash to run around In the country next year IMO

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We don’t know that yet.

What we do know is it is high risk. If he doesn’t work out for his new team they’re locked in with him for a long time.

Hately, Not only is he school captain, Hately is the head prefect at Trinity. And he’s also the headmaster’s son. surprised Dodoro didn’t want him.

AFL draft 2018: Jackson Hately Adelaide prospect, Port Adelaide, no flight risk (foxsports.com.au)

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