2023 trade talk (Part 2)

didnt look at the height, yeh maybe not him then. But he sounds more of a guy like Melbournes Bailey Fritsch. Has legit pace and can take a mark, would still be handy.
He recorded a blistering 2.966-second 20m sprint, an 8.396 agility test and a 91cm running vertical jump, to be in the top 10, or in the case of the latter, the top player, in those areas.

Sam Sturt Draft Profile - Aussie Rules Rookie Me Central (formerly AFL Draft Central)

Upon moving to Fremantle, he played for Peel Thunder in the West Australian Football League (WAFL), Fremantle’s reserve team, however he missed two months of football after suffering two concussion injuries early in the 2019 season.[2]

Plus former first round draft pick in the 2018 draft (pick 17).



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I haven’t watched him closely, so I can’t comment massively on his defensive work but he was averaging 5 tackles a game last year when he was getting games, which is only one less than setterfield this year. His ability to contribute to our contested ball is a big plus. it’s something we get smashed in year in year out.

I’d say the biggest factor would be that he’s 35 years old. A two year contract would mean we’re paying a 37 year old to play AFL football, something achieved by a total of three players in the last twenty years. The other part would be that he could coach on field for Draper or Bryan, not Draper and Bryan.

I would say offering a two year contract to a 35 year old either to predominantly play VFL on decent coin, or to keep Bryan stuck in the VFL for another two years, is kind of cracked.

I’m more going on what the Freo fans think. He’ll apparently tackle hard in close, but defensive running and getting back to help out the backs is where he falls down badly.

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The media report the headline 2 years etc but on a lot of occasions, especially with an older player, there are triggers that will ensure the second year.

If Goldy comes on a 2 year deal he will need to trigger the second year and if so then he’s earned it.

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This should be us, perfect for our list

yeah interesting, maybe he hurts gameplan. My natural thought was he’s not getting games because he stuck behind Braysaw, Serong, O’meara, Erasmus, O’Driscoll, and even Johnson getting games ahead of him. they have a string of mids they are trying to give games to and he has dropped down the pecking order, but they went better last year with him in there. I think both their contested possession and clearance game has dropped this year (might be wrong tho).

Like you say only 3 players in the last 20 years have played at that age

So if Bryan cant push him out of the team maybe its Bryan who is not the answer?

(Same for Draper but I imagine he remains 1st choice ruck)


Their CP went from 138.8 and Clearances 37.9 to 132 and 37.2

Not really much of a difference over the year.

7 years for McKay is insanity


Sure, if he was already on our team and contracted, fine. Why on earth would you trade someone in with the intention that they get pushed out of the team by a younger player you already have on your list? Given we re-signed Bryan this year, so he’s hardly seeing out a contract we regret next year, one presumes we want him.

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Surely we walk away if that’s what it takes.


I’m certain he will go Hawks.

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I’ve just got a feeling that it’s likely Hawthorn.

I think he’s always wanted to go to the dons, he’s waiting to see if we will match the hawks offer so he can confirm. We’re holding firm now as we are at the end of our offer.

I think he will still come, manager is just doing what’s best for his client.

I could also be completely wrong.


I think it was almost certain that McKay was heading to Essendon, until the GWS loss.

Then he started exploring other options.


Answer the Farking question Mitch.

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If it’s contract length McKay is after, we should switch it up and offer $7pa over 800k years. He’ll be waaaayyy better off in the long run.


That’s one big leap there.
I think his preference has been Essendon all along. But he’s also leaving his options open to get the best deal possible.

Nothing is certain until contracts are signed.

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