2023 trade talk (Part 2)

Zita saying its the Hawks on SEN apparently - I’m not listening

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Hawks appear on a better trajectory than us anyway IMO but even if you had that line-ball then if they are offering more as well then I’d be going there for sure if I’m making a professional decision.

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I don’t know who that is, but I’m choosing to believe it because it falls in line with my desired outcome.

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You sound very certain!!

David Zita. Does all the tribunal stuff. New kid on the block

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It’s not really a big leap.

Those sort of loses often point to a disunity between players and coach. I’m sure that’s not what happened. But if I was a player, I’d be questioning whether I’m walking into a club with a toxic playing culture.

I had mates who support opposition clubs asking ‘what the f*ck is going on at Essendon, and has Brad Scott lost the players?’

Also a North fan I think?

Yep. Had a crack at Langford because he was “mean to Eddie Ford” when he celebrated the win against North.

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We need to trade in the GWS media person.


I felt like it would be the hawks last night after robbos plea to him on 360 to go where you’ll make the biggest impact don’t take the money.

And got totally taken down for it, and doesn’t post much as a result.

So well done cockwombles

And then a mysterious, well educated, snide sounding cnt came on here and said it was going to set the club back 10 years.

It was almost like Mike Fitzpatrick got sozzled s and said his bit.

Sounded very FC.

And accurate.

Maybe that’s Zita’s guess? Because no one else is reporting it?


Maybe he has the inside word from North

That’s what i was just thinking.

Usually once one of them breaks it though there’s usually a flood of the usual suspects that follow up just after.

It was, he just said it was a vibe he had

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I didn’t hear it, just saw it tweeted. Maybe he said he thinks…

If he wants 7 years I’m happy for him to go to the Dingley Hawks.


Thanks for confirming!

I’d have that vibe too if the Hawks have offered 7 years :joy:

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