2023 trade talk (Part 2)

I mean just last week the vibe was Sydney so im not sure that journos vibes can be too trusted. That said I am getting less and less confident.

Ben McKay 7 year deal is just mind blowin to me


Are you suggesting it should be longer?

If he gets a 7 yr deal from Hawthorn he should take it.
Ridiculous someone should get a 7 yr deal.
Essendon would be crazy to pay that.
I would prefer a Dougal Howard on a 2-3 yr deal on $350-400 grand and really load up next yr when all the big forwards come out of contract.

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You can tell most people haven’t even seen him play before. Anything over 4 years for Ben McKay is criminal.

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In fairness, he did retract that tweet and admit he was wrong… then followed up with a puff piece :rofl:

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Yeah why not sign him up to a 10 year contract !? He’s basically being held in the same regard as Buddy Franklin at this point

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Exactly - He is tall I’ll give him that

He has an offer in front of him. Our biggest issue will be satisfying Brisbane . He has close connections in stringer and hind at our club. Brisbane trying to keep or push him to dogs.
However having two boys from home and his family know we’ll should tip the scales to us.


They won’t be pushing him to the dogs. Very frosty relationship after last year Dunkley hard ball trade between the two clubs

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That’s right.
Mates sentiments with no communication with the club at all or player managers would be the same as a player who has constant communication with their agnate who has also has access to a contact tag the club…

Nothing is certain, until a contract is signed. Still a lot of options on the table right now. There’d be open and honest communication between all parties.
He’d be silly to close the door on negotiations with other clubs because he’s ‘almost certain’ to go to another club that he doesn’t need to make that decision on until the first week of October.

I acknowledge, he’d be leaning towards us, but all options will still be on the table. This is going to be his last major contract of his career. It’ll set him up for life. He’d be silly not to look at all options.

Dogs will pay the first round pick. We won’t simple

Add to that they wanted him as part of the Dunkley deal

That’s crazy.

Happy to miss out at that price. Be interesting what first round pick they are using given they seem to be likely of trading up to get GCs pick.

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Not sure about that. They will trade 10 and 17 for 4 and then need points for Croft. Lohmann isn’t worth a first round anyway


Thanks for the update but why?

He was a pick around 20 odd who hasn’t been able to get a regular game. He is ooc so surely a late 2nd or early 3rd is enough despite the lions’s demands?

He is one id really like tbh.


Your bias is showing again.

No way any club is paying a first rounder for him, unless it’s some sort of pick swap thing and even then that’s highly unlikely.


Agree to disagree.

The Contract (money), onfield performance, and workplace culture, plays a huge part in player decisions.

Any player who might have had their eye on coming to Essendon, will be asking hard questions after that GWS loss.


7 years for Mackay is crazy.

In Matt Rosa we trust…

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That’s the price Brisbane will put on his head. It’s not right. I’m fairly confident the chance to play in ith Jake and nick will win out .

Plus there is another kid who may come home from peel to play VFL for us. Had a heads up last night after Rosa was confirmed. Rosa got him over to peel in the first place. Injuries stopped him from playing seniors. But over 9 games this player AVG 20 disp, 6 cl, 7 tackles 4 marks. Playing various roles.

Had he gone through the rebels system vs Bendigo he would’ve been better off.

As a junior he was a better player than lohmann. But was very skinny . Started playing senior Bendigo league at 16 with Kai . And are close mates . This will also come into play.

He is now a great size. Mid season rookie chance


If 7 years is true I’m happy to pass up on him.