2023 trade talk (Part 2)

Just listened to the Zita thing on SEN. Basically said it’s either Hawthorn or Essendon. Said jungle drums are beating towards Hawthorn but wouldn’t be declaring it. Some randoms SMSd and said he is joining Hawthorn because he is following Will Day on Twitter.

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He is but he’s also following Ridley and McGrath :wink:

It’s extraordinary how we’ve spent 20 years at the pointy end of the ■■■■ drafts and nowhere near it in the good ones.


Also following The Rock… Maybe he is joining the WWE.


Yeah Hawks offered him a lifetime deal with a reincarnation clause that triggers if he passes of natural causes over the age of 90. It’s expected he’d be buried as their full back for the next 200years.

Cal just said on Gettable that McKay and Ridley are pretty close, train in the offseason together


Yeah they did the speed project with mcgrath


likely followed them after the Speed project.
Speedy Odoyle beat me to it.

They trained together in the off season.

When is the last time that the instagram following stalking actually resulted in a correct call?

Jungle drums. I think that requires a “drink”

The media really needs to talk to people from outside their little bubbles sometime.

A lot of those players will probably walk up starts condisering you alway bang on about how crap our list is

Since coffee gate @ the little daisy coffee shop.

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Actors strikes means they’re all looking for work.

Cena, The Rock and Batista all coming back.

Yep. Shiel followed Orazio the same day.

I’d give up our first rounder for Cena in the mid.

Will fit right in.

You can’t see him, just like a huge chunk of our list when the heat is on.


Finlay Macrae is a name on the list that I could get excited about.
Jack’s brother
but improtantly adds size and can find the footy. and a top 20 draft pick
I thought Pies said they werent interested in trading him though and he was happy playing reserves for now.


  • Disposal efficiency
  • Decision making
  • Dual-sidedness
  • Accumulation
  • Composure
  • Versatility


  • Speed
  • Explosiveness

Nearly everything Macrae does is laden with class.
Finlay Macrae Draft Profile - Aussie Rules Rookie Me Central (formerly AFL Draft Central)


This is a classic example of sensible list management the club has been seriously lacking over the past couple of sorry decades.
Are you Matt Rosa in disguise?