2023 trade talk (Part 2)

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Cal also mentioned to keep an eye on Shiel, some clubs might ask the question.

Also Nic Martin in discussions for a contract extension


Pretty happy about todays news that Ben Robbins (sports psych) might be coming to EFC!


Theres going to be so much verbiage on trade radio just for the sake of talking for awhile yet. Well that is the show anyways at the best of times.

Nothing is going to happen for a couple of weeks.

Cant wait to hear who is leading these races until then.

We need some mental resilience! Is he as good as Rudy Webster?

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Pretty sure he worked with Scott at North.

We already have a Psycologist but i dont know if he is full time or just a consultant.

Tony Glynn.

I think we could get a pick in the 20s for Shiel, especially if we pay over 75% of his salary.

Just turn Shiel and BZT into Wines and it would be a Essendon miracle.


He did.

This was Robbins during the Saints game this year.

I think the approach



Bring him in our players need it

It would be fair to say that Brad Scott is a fan. Via Dr Robbins webpage


Good job tracking that down.

Cant say ive ever seen a club do that before.

We are not paying Shiel 75% of his salary to play against us, that is ridiculous.

Watching him at under 18s, I just felt like he was more of the same for us.

Inside/outside, and not really elite at either. Got plenty of it. Tidy user of the football. Not overly quick.

If he was cheap, he might be useful. But definitely not addressing any needs for us.

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Its only for 1 year
Pies will still be paying Grundy after he switches to Sydney.

Because you want good players with the right attitudes and who understand and adhere to the required lifestyle, training intensity etc

And you then want your ip and coming players to force those top liners out of the team

He would be only being brought across to set standards and help development but at the same time the guys who want the spot have to be made to earn it

How do you think we got into this position of below standard trainers, sloppy lifestyles etc

There was nobody doing everything right to stand between these guys and senior games
Easy to beat someone for a spot if they are just as unprofessional

Yeh paying 300K, not 3 quarters of a million.

I guess well have to agree to disagree that bringing in a 35 year old in the hopes hell play VFL for two years is a good idea.

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Adds size?
Hes 188cm and 80kgs.

Sounds good

Although thats a massively interesting take on what i said