2023 trade talk (Part 4)

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Except if the player they don’t draft to play that role turns out to be the next Charlie Cameron.

Is Will Kelly any good?

Apparently he is injury prone and wasn’t a stand out in pies vfl

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Thank you.

And his dad’s a ■■■■, which makes him a ■■■■.

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One Kelly is quite enough thankyouverymuch…

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I actually forgot that we had a Kelly on our list!

His dads still a ■■■■ though.

Trade talk for next year, Dons cashed up still.

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“Pinchy Pinch”

Was a real tough guy… went with the pinch against Dunstall but said his team mates begged him not to pinch Lockett so he didn’t.

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Pluga would have probably steam rolled the fark lols

Big list changes too

Gave up on a lot of grunt mids who couldn’t run

Got in smaller guys who were better defensively and more mobile

Good point, I can’t think of a single time when a Voss coached team went all in after one pretty good year and ended up destroying the list and crashing and burning.

Not one single one.
Certainly not the only other club he’s coached at.

Especially not offering a stupid contract to a once great forward with an Italian surname but a few injury issues.
As far as I’m concerned, it’s worked every single time.

2 years is a wild gamble.

He’s played 1 (o - n - e) full AFL game in 2 years.

(Plus once subbed on, and once subbed off).

I’m not totally shocked that a club’s giving him one last roll, but 2 years is laughable.

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He may not have played AFL games this year, but he played the last 9 SANFL games and kicked 22 goals.

He’s probably on minimum chips salary, so it’s a low risk high reward pick up for a premiership contender

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JUH: “Yeah definitely staying at the dogs”

As expected…

Still think back with fondness to the year they brought in Peak Nuff Fevola and about a half dozen other broken-down hacks to Brisbane … went all-in for the flag but cost Voss his job

Warrnambool Bomber in the mud

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If he hasn’t signed by July next year, Warrnambool Bomber will rise like a phoenix.