2023 trade talk (Part 4)

All the more reason to throw a couple of these young guys in to the black team.

Jayden played at half back for the first half then went off and ran laps. They are easing him back into things.

I think he has the tools to make it as a small fwd but this year is just about finding his feet and building his confidence and body.


Jayden hasn’t played footy for what 2yrs? he’s not going to be close to senior selection short term - going to need some solid VFL time but certainly has some talent to work with

Hind played red team fwd in first half and black team fwd in second, nice crumbing goal that’s shown on highlights vid also


All Jayden needs to do is build through a VFL season this year I’d have thought.

He does that, he’ll earn another 12 months, with the hope he starts pushing for an AFL spot.

Any more would be an absolute bonus.

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I’m pretty sure both Alwyn and Jayden both signed longer than the initial 2 year standard contract granted upon being drafted. I think negotiating that was part of the initial hold up for them officially nominating us.

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our small forward needs aren’t that Dire that we need to play J Davey round 1.

Gresham and Menzie would be close to locks, Hind could be played off the bench and offer support forward or defence.

I’m looking forward to seeing good football in the VFL from Davey’s and Wanganeen and playing well enough where they are winning their positions and contributing to teams success and putting pressure on for a Small forward spot at AFL level.
Hind is almost too good at VFL level now, thinking of the GWS games where he had it 40+ times as a wing/ small defender.

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There is an article in The Age (which could very well be wrong) indicating Jayden is one of 22 Essendon players out of contract at the end of 2024.

Ah right maybe it was just Alwyn who got that extension then. Which would make sense given there was more an element of unknown off the back of 2 x ACL’s. I’m certain he’ll be around next year though. We need all the class small forwards we can get. Fingers crossed he has a good run at it this year.

The issues with our small forward contingent is not so much the depth of ‘options’ on our list it’s the absolute top end AFL quality or AFL readiness of ours compared to a lot of the teams we’re up against.

Ours can basically ‘do a job’ whereas other sides in this comp have the quality to win matches for them (that’s both offensively and defensively locking the footy in the fwd line) and it’s a genuine strength.

Like GWS (Toby Bedford, Brent Daniels, Toby Greene*), Collingwood (Bobby Hill, Lachie Schultz, Beau McCreery, Jamie Elliot*), Brisbane (Charlie Cameron, Linc McCarthy, Zac Bailey*), Adelaide (Rankine, Rachele, Pedlar/Murphy), Hawthorn (Breust, Ginnivan, Dyl Moore, Watson).

Gresham can certainly be better than what we’ve had and has proven in years past that he can be a very good player so I look forward to seeing him this year.

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I’m not too worried yet.

Yes last year we werent dangerous.
Monfries won goal kicker award for EFC in 2010 with 24.
Menzie’s season last year is a bit underrated. And after a good preseason, I can see improvement.

But we should have actual forward power, look at forward 6 Season Best’s

Stringer 56
Wright 53
Langford 51
Gresham 35
Menzie 23
Perkins 18

Given all forwards are a threat, will potentially make it easier for all forwards, just need to make sure we honour leads.


The problem is we can’t get it too our forwards cleanly enough and the opposition can,

Hopefully the work Rath has done on kicking will help.
Martin at half back might help with transition up field. Duursma could help improve this, I ahvent seen a lot of his kicking. Perkins more midfield should help too, as he is decent kick and can mark in transition.

Chucking Kelly on a wing, well don’t think that will improve ball use inside 50 :slight_smile: unless he rolls back and covers for Redman/Martin and they deliver it.

The positive is that I would suggest 15/16 out of that 22 are pretty expendable and can be covered easily. Obviously we want to be building depth, but not many of those names have my too concerned.

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We will keep about 11-13 of them would be my thinking.

Perkins, Durham, McGrath and Tsatas would be clubs priority signings.

A few are dependent on 2024 performance.

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All their effort should go into retaining Weideman.


Linc MCCarthy & Zac Bailey avg 1.2 goals in better side.
Bedford avg 0.6 Goals
Daniels 1.3
Hill 1.4
Schultz 1.4
Mcreery 0.7 Goals
Rachele 1.1
Pedlar 1.2
Murphy 0.5

Menzie avg 1.1

The difference really is the stars averaging over 2 goals per game (Greshams best was 1.6av, Peak walla 1.7avg)

2023 (avg) Charlie Cameron (2.7), Toby Greene(2.8), Rankine (1.8), Breust (2.2) Walters (1.7)

chances of finding one of them are slim. So it’s more about teamwork, hitting right spots, all being dangerous. And we have McGrath who can shut down the opposition small forward anyway.

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Thank fck. just imagine how sht Todd Marshall would be at Essendon.


Marshall stays at Port

King reported to be about to stay at Suns

JUH contract hype going to be nuts if he delays on the Dogs

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JUH could use the ol change of coach and lack of club stability excuse, Bevo won’t see the year out imo.

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Certainly can’t see how he’d survive if both JUH and Bailey Smith were looking like outski