2023 trade talk (Part 4)

Certainly can’t see how he’d survive if both JUH and Bailey Smith were looking like outski

We should make the most of the opportunity and take Bont off their hands.


He’s going nowhere.

They had a contract in front of him from middle of last year, interesting watch.


I would have thought watching all those Bombers games growing up would have played a key part in his development!

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I thought he was coming to us?

He is. It’s all pillow talk with the dogs.

What sort of package would we offer the dogs for JUH?

2 x first round picks

  • Jones/Cox

See ya Harry


I think you’d have to offer him insane money to get a trade done.

You’d essentially be asking him to forgo that initial free agency option by doing a trade, because he seems a player you’d offer 6+ years to.

I suspect he spends time to FA at Bulldogs, then maybe looks for an enormous pay day.

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in a few years Dogs would be demanding a trade under free agency.
Get it done now if you can.

Hf: Gresham Caddy J Davey
f: Ugle-Hagan Langford Wright


No, I’m thinking he won’t even be seeking a trade unless the money is insane.

If he desperately wants out, sure, go the trade. But as long as he is happy enough at the dogs, it seems a silly move to lose any chance of accessing that FA pay day. Even as a lever to push up price at the dogs if he has no intention whatsoever of leaving.

He’s not forgoing any pay day by not waiting to FA, clubs will be all over him now and could end up highest paid player in league. Sydney will prob offer a Buddy esque deal

If he came to us would be for less than what could get out there though and be leaning on him and his family all being EFC fans previously. Few Welsh Co property deals also!

He’d obviously get our dreamtime marketing allowance component as marquee player


Yes. That’s why I said insane money.

He will go to Sydney, they all do.


“love to”

These words mean nothing.

I can easily read them as “I’d love to, and I’m keen, but…”

Then I have to remind myself they mean nothing.


Yep, you only have to jump on MAFS to see people muttering these words, just to get to the end of the show (season)

Then they run off with the one they wanted all along (Essendon) :joy::joy:


Caldwell would top the list too.

I think MCGrath tops the list.
then Perkins
DUrham will want to defer talks after a good preseason, needs to show it in season proper.

Caldwell is a better player than Perkins right now, maybe less of a need though.

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