2023 trade talk (Part 4)

His pay will depend on this season. I personally think Andy has another level to go to, but if he doesn’t find it this year, then he’s only a 600-700k player.

Glad he didn’t choose us.

This is why you don’t trade for players with a concussion history.


Real sad news. He was a wonderful competitor and seemed like an all round good fella.


So Maynard got to play in a premiership, while Brayshaw never plays again…


Cmon, it was a test case, Maynard didn’t do a thing wrong imo.


Sen headline, Angus Brayshaw retires because of head knock he received in last year’s finals series…fmd.

Good chance for Brayshaw to get away from the drug culture and have a year or two off, then come back as a free agent like McKenna and McCartin.

That’s sad news for him. Right decision though imo.

Tragic for Brayshaw. I wish him all the best and pray he has no long term problems.


That’s what happened though? If he hadn’t received that knock he would not be retiring.


Can’t see that at all Perkins is ahead and will be a lock in the side, Caldwell might be pushed out if the side by Hobbs Tsatas by the end of the year

Not true, he would have retired eventually even without the knock.

They insinuated that it was the primary cause and forgetting that he already had significant history of bad concussion.

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He seems to be attributing it to that game:

“Last week, I was informed by my neurosurgeon that I would be forced to medically retire from the AFL effective immediately,” Brayshaw wrote to Melbourne fans on Thursday.

“Scans taken two weeks after the qualifying final against Collingwood compared to scans taken last week revealed further deterioration of my brain as a direct result of the incident I was involved in that September evening.

“This means that medically, I can no longer continue to play contact sports of any time to protect my long-term health.”

Maybe that’s why the paper is saying that?


Big bodied mid on the market

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Besides driving his shoulder through Brayshaws head I agree


How many concussions has he had? I think it’s oversimplifying it to say that knock ended his career.

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just watched it again. farking dirty


Nah, Brayshaw deviated into the smoothers path & got flattened AND has a history of previous concussions. It wasn’t dirty IMO & not the single contributing cause of Brayshaws brain injuries.

Maynard got off cause he didn’t do anything wrong. Case dismissed!


Obviously it is not that knock in isolation, it is the cumulative effect of all the concussions, but this last one accelerated the process.

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