2023 trade talk (Part 4)

He’d be crazy not to. Money for jam.

He’s 25 now, so its kind of the perfect age. In the position he plays, he could have another 5-7 years of decent footy left.

A forward line of Caddy, Gresh, Stengle, Wright and Langford is pretty freakin dangerous.

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Criminally underrated post


Cal saying there will still be interest in Zurhaar

Duggan going to sign a new deal so not coming to us

Caldwell not gettable, early talks have begun to see him stay at Essendon

No talks have progressed with Stringer, in a bit of a holding pattern.


Like i said wont surprise me if Zurhaar is in Dons colours next year he was close to joining last contract

I hope that doesn’t mean Norf get pick 2 and 3 again.


We won’t get him.


Jokes aside, the longer we take to come to the table with Stringer the better. He is a very very good player on his day but clearly needs the contract incentive to play at that level

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Interest from Essendon or just interest from clubs other than North?

“WA clubs have looked at him and others around the comp”

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I really hope not. I class him as ‘nice to have’ and if Stringer keeps his form up I’d rather put my money on him than Zurhaar.

We should just sign him on 12 month contracts.

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From here-on out, absolutely. It’s not like he will have many rival suitors. Incredible player on his day, and he’s having a ripper start to the year, but I doubt we have 60-70 more games out of Jakey from here.

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hopefully Eagles get Zurharr they need all the help they can get

“Hey Cam, how do you like being in a ■■■■ team? Well, how about you do it in a warmer climate instead!”


Oh well Fremantle then.
He is a WA lad.
They have started the season off ok. But are still relying on Walters and Fyfe

Has he nominated us yet?


Would be a bit rich for him to leave north after the carry on he did about Horne Francis.
I honestly don’t think we need him there is still two years left in stringer and caddy is a very similar sort of player.
What we really need is a electric small forward unfortunately they don’t grow on trees the one I would go after is Arthur jones from the dogs

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Would it really though?
Bit of a difference between a number 1 pick wanting out after a year and a bloke that’s given 8 years of service though.

That said, love the way he plays but feel that his actual output is vastly overrated by many (myself included) due to that. Not really worth the money he’ll most likely receive somewhere.


He followed JUH as a kid.

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