2023 trade talk


Three players who would all be in the WEagles best 22 for Reid. That is a steep price to pay.

I read somewhere we had a few key players we were looking for, does anyone have any idea who they are? Surely a key forward/key defender?

no one in the market really attracts me, i personally think we keep developing reid cox and co

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McGovern, Zac Williams + Carlton’s No.1 pick for Harley Reid ?


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Worth it, kid is unique

Lukosious someone ill desperately try to bring in if im in charge

They’re waisting him up forward, he was starting to come on nicely when on the halfback flank and working up the wings

him as a half word along with langford and perkins will be absolutely deadly

Hope we’re not tempted to chase Gresham. A high-quality free agent small forward makes sense, but I don’t think he’s that player for us.


About to re-sign with Saints i think

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Perkins and Hobbs aren’t sticks. Neither was Tsatas. Talls take longer; which talls were available at our picks that are doing so much better? If you want talls with elite talent, they mostly take time.

Despite being older he wasn’t doing much more than Bryan at VFL level.


Interesting stats and point taken but there’s always an argument to be had with taking on any player.
The last few years just to name a couple have been Dunkley and De Goey which would be amazing players for us.
Flip will possibly retire this year or next and we are light on for talls.
From all reports we have the cap space and the kids 23 which fits our age demographic.
IMO I think the kid has a lot of potential and it sounds like there’s a chance to pry him off FC.

Yeah he might cost us our pick 10ish but watch dodoro pick Reid’s slim brother with that pick or similar which will take 3-4 years to get their body fit for afl.

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Under contract but I’d be making an enquiry with Bailey Williams management. He is a beast, great age to partner with Draper long term. His forward craft isn’t bad either.

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he is one of the worst players in the league

I think he can play, he was excellent last night.

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Does this mean you have given up on getting Gresham? I remember you were pushing his case a year or so ago.

no one in free agency class this year worth splashing money for, none of them

I say so

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