2024 Blitz & Friends Charity Footy Game - Today! 11.00 @ Olympic Park

When you say runner, it is more akin to gentle leisurely strolling, taking out water etc.


I’m totally fine with that :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Who are the nominated coaches ?

Happy for you take take a coaches position @Lawry


Got a couple of blokes from work coming down


Tweaked my left calf throwing yesterday. Kept throwing and made my compensating right knee sore as well.

May or may not be a running photographer in two weeks time.



INS. Saladin (does he do sports photography ?)

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You’re very young, aren’t you?

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I’m would prefer the runners job …….surely there’s better coaches than me ……maybe @wimmera1 is more Sheedy like than me ha or even @Captain_Jack ?

Wims more the captain/coach type

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I am restricting my duties to carrying the water bottles.

@scotty21 how’re we looking for numbers?

I’ve got us at 22 confirmed with the guys from work added.

Gives us the 11 v 11 we had last year

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Sadly, I am dreadfully injured.
To the extent that it will be difficult to get there at all.
I am disappoint.
But I know you guys will have an awesome day.

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Is this still on ?


Decided, or choosing on the day?

Just saw this. Might get down for this.

Been a few years since I played

Edit. Just remembered I got kids swimming classes. Dad life

Dealing with an annoying gluet injury so I might have to give the midfield a miss this time around, will have to pull rank and have the forward line cleared out for me

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Deciding on the day. They are being ■■■■■ about th3 main ground this time.