2024 Fixture (as it is “leaked” out)

100% Need to but out the surrounding houses and establishments, biggg coin.

Well that doesn’t explain why we get ANZAC day noted in our fixture

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Who did this? The Chutneys don’t have any games against the top 8?

Just none in September

Confirmed that we are playing a praccy against St Kilda in late Feb and an official pre season game against Geelong at GMHBA on 1 March.

The Geelong game should suitably deflate our expectations.


Perhaps Dream Time is Richmond’s home game and Anzac Day is ours ?

So we get a habitual Geelong flogging over and done with nice and early (March 1st).

Barwon Fish and Chips on High St, Belmont - For those on Hot Chip reports

Why do we play Geelong in every pre-season?

Managing expectations

The fixture might look easy, but when you are a bottom 6 side like we are, you can’t take any game for granted.

It’s used to help promote the Country Game in the H&A season. I personally prefer it because it’s the one time of year I can get into Kardinia Park.

Because it’s the only time during the AFL Season that the twin coaches talk civilly to one another! :rofl:

Because Essendon.

How about they come to Marvel to play us we always have to play at that ■■■■ hole GHMBA

Haven’t been to a pre season practice game in years. they have always been at Geelong or too far away for me to travel.

You barely turn up to regular season games and you are complaining about the location of pre season games?

We played in Moorabbin last year and at Marvel the year before.


A guess. Part of the arrangement between two clubs to face off in regional area (Geelong / Warnambool) as part of their strategic partnership which centres around the Country Game / farmers market. The girls played at Warnambool. I’m all but certain it relates to that.

I got the tickets for our gather round match yesterday.


We regularly get pantsed by Geelong at the MCG. Playing at Marvel would barely make a difference. Aside from 2011, we used to get belted at Marvel by them too.

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Whole round is almost sold out apparently

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Moorabbin too far and Marvel? I don’t remember it.