2024 mid season draft

@THE_DON1 @Aceman what are your thoughts on Frank Szekely from North Adelaide mature age at 23 lightning quick can kick goals

I’m not as sold on him as others. Has pace and can get a bit of the ball but just doesn’t impact the scoreboard anywhere near enough IMO. Think he only has 2 or 3 goals for the season with 1 goal being his biggest haul in a game which is pretty poor in my view


If Smartt wants to play for Essendon, and if Essendon sees value in him, as he is very young and a good fit, get him to nominate a 3 year deal to be selected. That should take him past some suitors and get him to the Bombers.

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Is he even any good?
The games I’ve seen he looks pretty ordinary.


Smartt has played some very good games and some analysts suggest he’s in the top 3 to be selected in the MSD. I think he’s still only 18 so very much a long term prospect that fits in with our long term future. Look what we have done with Durham and Martin. The same could happen with Smartt.

His young gun series was very highly rated as well. I had some good friends head down to the matches, each remarked how impressive he was (non Essendon folk as well)

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I think this rule got changed after the Newcome scenario. Can only nominate 6 or 18 months now


Whoever we get is unlikely to play straight away. And unlikely to play at all unless they have a high enough fitness base to play.

There’s every chance we draft someone who can ruck and play forward then delist him at the end of the season.

You all know it will be someone from the West. With Rosa and O’Brien in our recruiting team they will surely be able to unearth a talent from WA.
Maybe WOB @westozziebomber might have some ideas?



Haiden Schloithe is still available…


I know we dont need another key defender, but Rosa was very complimentary towards Jacob Blight on Gettable, who Rosa recruited to Peel.

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He’s playing in the state game this week against SANFL so I’ll look out for him on the coverage

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He will be taken in the first three picks without a doubt all those bottoms teams need a big defender



What number pick are we likely to have now we’re higher on the ladder than expected?

Well if all goes to plan and we are 2nd on the ladder after tiger game, we have pick 17 (minis some clubs who might not have a pick opening)


Good calls by Rookie Me Central there…


Does Martin have a brother?

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