2024 Mid Season Review Thread

So far this year we have been competitive in every game except one, and we have played some danger games. That is improvement regardless and we’ll need to see how we finish out the regular season, obviously we are all jaded from last year

He be 2MP blessed with vertical abundance!!!
Bombing into him is as good an option as is possible given he moves glacially on a lead.
Extending his testicles to mark the ball amongst those who wish him harm might also invite arm chopping or head high contact and therefore a favourable umpire’s whistle.

No, 2MP needs to take Mumford angry pills or drink some concrete and harden the fruitcake up!!!

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I think I’ve been missing something in games!!!

How the hell can Parish still be 5 weeks away? Did he have to grow a new calf muscle? He dominated that last practice match against Geelong and we virtually haven’t seen him since!

don’t reckon many players dream about doing a repetitive training drill for 2 hours


Best performance: round 8 vs Collingwood HM: round 10 vs GWS
Worst performance: round 4 vs Port Adelaide HM: round 13 vs Gold Coast

Best individual performance: Jordan Ridley vs Richmond
Worst individual performance: Shared between Sam Draper and Todd Goldstein for the Port Adelaide game

Top 5 players:
1 Merrett
2 Durham
3 Caldwell
4 McGrath
5 Martin

Most improved: Durham
He’s proving me wrong acknowledgement: Nik Cox
Best recruit: Xavier Duursma
Biggest disappointment: Zach Reid being injured…again HM: Peter Wright

The good: Winning twice as many games as we’ve lost, increased physicality, intensity and pressure, showing heart/spirit to stay in contests when behind/not playing well, improved defensive systems, strong performance on Anzac Day

The bad: Lack of leg speed, lack of contested marking ability (despite playing a tall team), inefficient/unbalanced forward line, poor conversion probably costing us a couple of wins, always having four or five best 23 players injured

Overall grade: B+


Hoyne from CD reckons Essendon should be excited about what they’re producing.

Specifically, their profile both sides of the ball in terms of getting score board return and ball movement is top 6. No other team has that profile over the last 6 weeks.

He reckons Essendon has (finally) changed for the better and if they keep producing, they are a strong chance for prelim final weekend.

Their 38 front half intercepts on Sunday was “off the charts” but only yielded 1 goal. IF they’d taken their chances they win that game by 2 goals.

At the moment the Dons are playing a Demons style of game, i.e. lots of i50’s for a poor return. So, tidy up that part of their game…



I always knew expected score was a great metric.


The most pleasing aspect of this season so far has been our appetite for the contest. More specifically, how consistent it has been. It has slipped on occasion, such as against Port and GC, our performances against Collingwood and GWS were fantastic and I felt we brought it against FC on the weekend.

Regarding pressure, tackling and contested possessions, I’m not sure what the stats say but this feels like our most consistent stretch since the second half of 2018. If we maintain our appetite, this should be our best season in this regard since 2013.

While it would be premature to say that this aspect is the one thing preventing us from winning a premiership, I believe consistency in this area has been our biggest obstacle preventing us from breaking into the top 6 on a more permanent basis.

I think we’re a few players and a few years away from a flag, but if the cultural reset at this club has begun already and has begun in the trenches, this is a huge tick for Brad, Vozzo and Barham.


We’ve shown we can be a really efficient forward half team. We’ve shown we can dominate territory. We just really haven’t put the two things together yet.

Maybe it’s just some tweaks, maybe it’ll take another offseason or two, maybe it never happens.

That is harsh.

I give them an A+ based on what my expectations were prior to round 1.

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Gresham and McKay doing pretty good

Great start. Overachieved and we all know it.
I think the majority of us expect the wheels to fall off as they usually do, but the team has a great chance to prove us wrong.

Optimistic about our game style and Scott attempting to bring in standards. He drew blood from a stone at Kangas, and he’s doing it here.
Optimistic about on field leadership with Merrett setting a standard that I hope is emulated and passed on for future captains.

Pessimistic about our list. Cannot see it. It’s unbalanced and I seriously can’t see it with any of our players except a handful. I have a dreadful feeling we are seeing the absolute best this list is capable of and unless we get some real star power, and fast, it’s going to be another lean few years bordering on a reset.
Crushes me to say but I don’t think we will be seriously challenging until well after Merrett retires. The list is average and on top of that, the VFL program is ■■■■■■■ dire.
I just hope Scott is afforded the time to build a list because he’s clearly proven, so far, he can do a fair bit with not much.
So let’s go hard and give the man some substance and multiple, genuine A grade talents to work with.

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Completely agree.

I was just super impressed with the contribution Duursma was making. Working his ass off defensively and still getting it 20 times a game. I reckon the team’s performances in recent weeks without him show just how important his contribution has been. Fingers crossed he can pick up where he left off when he’s back…


This is exactly what i said to a mate, we are the new Melbourne, dominate games and inside 50 but can’t put it on the scoreboard. In saying that, the style of entry creates more inside 50’s because you can set up a wall behind it and if you keep missing, the ball doesn’t go back to the centre. So yes, very Melbourne like, who were also frustrating to watch last year because they just couldn’t capitalise on their dominance.

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it’s a personnel issue. neither team have a dominant contest marking key forward. Melbourne at least have kozzie who can create trouble at the drop of the ball but we don’t even have that.

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Yeah agree, neither team has great users of the football in their midfield either, that’s why Melbourne selected Windsor so high in the draft. If we had a miers or someone delivering inside 50, our forward line would look much better, i think we have decent talent in there.

We do in Merret,Martin,Durham who is a pretty decent kick that can all deliver the ball inside 50