#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys” Heppell - a series of haircuts till 2022

Great video - thanks for posting

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Saw this fella wondering around the MCC at the Geelong Richmond game with his girlfriend last night. Doesn’t seem to take a breather from football.

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Fair point, but it’s very hard to tackle somebody when you have the ball in your hands.

And Clarke aswell now!

When you’re doing the good work Hepp is for kids off the field you’re more than entitled to keep that shithouse haircut.

Good on you captain. Class act.


I don’t get the hate for this guy.

But he legit puts his body on the line consistently.

Doesn’t pinch blokes either


The hate comes from needing to kick a captain’s goal… but missing it badly.

He works his guts out every week and never stops putting in, but his game suffers from his constant howlers - and consequently the team.
His disposal is flakey and some of his decision making is ordinary.
One weakness the team has is that we lack midfielders who constantly kick goals for us. I include Heppell in this.


In close in the packs he is very very good. But when it’s time to kick…

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How good was Dys with Harrison and his brother in the rooms after the game. Little H facing a stem cell transplant with his brother the donor. The genuine care and affection was beautiful to watch. Wishing H a smooth as possible journey through what will be a challenging time.
I was very proud of our captain.


Thought was a generally very good game from Hep, unfortunately that gets overshadowed by the glaringly poor moments. Bit like Stanton.

Thought Hep had 3 times if had more class/composure could have kicked goals for us… 2 via snaps and that wide open shot also

Opposition rebounded on the latter and goaled

Momentum killer

And then just amateur footy to seemingly have no options so instead of kicking to contest on the boundary line just kicks it high and long along edge of centre square to where all the Hawks numbers are & they win footy transition and end up goaling again.

Just should not happen


Missed a wide open shot for goal before half time under zero pressure.

Then, with hawthorn pressing, 40 seconds to half time decides that a high, loopy kick into the corridor to a tippa 3 on 1 is a good idea.

Someone needs to pull him aside and tell him to play within his obviously terrible limitations. That and smarten up.


And what about the rest of the game where he put himself on the line numerous times, won a number cfo contests, created run and provided a link or shepherd on many plays? Did he do enough or be smart enough then for you or is it just a matter of highlighting only his mistakes and not commenting on all the good work he does?


He was very good last night especially in traffic. Just needs to change his thought process when kicking. Still reasonably good over 15-30m with his passing but anything more than that and more often than not it’s a floating rain maker or turn over. Hopefully we start to see him give off a bit more to guys running past.


He’s a great player, and a great captain.
We would be a far lesser team without him.


Reckon this dude needs a shout out. He was everywhere and did everything well.


He always does, and always is.


Putting together a really good year. His work rate is allways huge every week. Just cracks in and gets it done.

Probably win the bnf


Cops a lot of unfair criticism from some Blitzers but I love that he is a genuine 2 way runner.

He always covers the most kms out of anyone on our team.

An example of his workrate was the Cameron goal in the last quarter. It was from a direct centre clearance, probably taking 8-10 seconds from the restart. Gleeson got turned inside out with Cameron marking in the goal square.

Hepp nearly got there with his opponent nowhere in sight

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Absolutely agree with the tone of the latter part of this thread: this has been a great year for DH. To date, averaging 27.54 disposals per game, just shy of the 28.48 that he averaged in his best year, 2014. That year he won the Crichton and AA selection. Interestingly, his contested possession is a little up on that year as is his contested marking.

I’m happy to concede that not every disposal, especially his kicking, is silk. Nor is he lightning quick. But his courage can never be questioned. Nor his endeavour. DH bleeds red and black and leads from the front. He’s been doing it all year and he did it again in that final quarter last night. It’s taken him a while to show himself to be the captain that we all wanted him to be but he’s really starting to reveal that he’s got what it takes – and a little more.

Good onya, Dys.


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