#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


C7 reporting that Dois with a 'finger scare'. NFD


They said he cut it cooking, required 2 stitches and should be fine to play.


Was he playing with Jordan De Goey's dog?


Defrosting steak in a microwave oven. Geez no.


I've noticed the exact opposite. Sitting off the contest more.


He was trying to catch a broken plate apparently


Would never happen to Jobe...


Do you need to freeze Vegan sausages?


Leading our hard ball gets by a long way and I think about 4th or 5th in Uncontested so I'm with Darli on this one.
It confirms to me what I suspected from watching as well.


All depends what you're going to use them for ....


Yeah, stop spamming me, man.


Thought someone was having me on when I received a phone call from Dys thanking me for the club reaching 65,000 members. I know every member will get one, but nice touch.


Glad to hear he is 'absolutely stoked'.


I wonder if the same girl that brought us Dons at Your Door was responsible for this?


Unlikely. I got this one.


Fark Dys, i'm busy mate. Will call you later!


We must be watching different games


Def appears so to me. Seems to be doing the Zach job more and more - providing release for other players under the pump/ pack.
Zach just does it the whole time. Hepps - in waves.


You two are not remembering rightly IMHO.

He was - clearly - our leading clearance and centre clearance (totals and averages) winner in 2015. He's 3rd-4th this year behind Zerrett, Goddard and Jobey.


Got a call from him this afternoon. Was very talkative, but seemed a little unresponsive to my questions.....