#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


A free kick is also counted as a contested possession. Once you know that, opinions change about some players games


And they say Queenslanders are slow! :wink:
Clearance = First possession in a chain that clears the stoppage.
Centre clearance = same thing if that's at a centre bounce.
Both would be contested possessions.


I was ok till i moved up here then they dragged me down to their level
Thanks for the info HAP


I think also a clearance would normally count as a hard ball get but a hard ball get wouldn't necessarily count as a clearance, ie if your team mate turns it over.


You moving improved the average IQ of both states.


Don't know whether to say thanks or get ■■■■■■ :unamused:


As a Darwin resident, me either!!


Managed to meet Hep today, is there an easy way to upload a pic without having to host it somewhere first?


Why am I not surprised that Hepp dropped a plate.


Short answer is no. But if you have twitter you can post it there and link to the tweet.


there's an upload option when you reply. At least on iPhone.


size limit on blitz uploads though.


Here we go, let's see if this works. He was kind enough to sign a couple of my kids' stuffed Dyson action figures, as you can see I was pretty stoked!




Which one is the stuffed Dyson action figure??


Great pic, one for the memory box. :slight_smile:


How goods that


The old "can you sign this for for my kid?" routine.


The ■■■■ are those things you're holding? Are you sure they're not some sort of cleaning implement?


Bloke has doggie poo bag trickshot skillz.