#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Couldn’t agree more, especially on point C and D. With Jobe retiring, he will take over as the #1 inside midfielder and hopefully resume his 2014 output either next year or 2019. This year has just been a year where he not only needs to find his feet again after the year off but also discover who he is as a captain in his first year.


Dois knows how to juggle his work/life balance. Here he is punching out a quick reply to his socials whilst in the marking contest.


To be fair, when you play with blokes who have consistently struggled to hit targets, it is difficult to judge if a ball is or is not intended for you.


Addressing the media today with Woosha.


Announcing his retirement


Looks confident.


The new darkest day in sport about to be announced


Hepp has matured a lot this year.


seems Hepps is really comfortable with the gig. Not afraid to let others into the spotlight (Jobe, Zach…) be it in huddles, media, etc. really does seem the ultimate team-first type of guy.


Yep, he is a good captain.

If, as some have suggested here, he needs that additional pre-season to get back to top form. Then I think everyone will be extremely happy with him by the end of next year. Has a wonderful balance about him as a person, a leader, and a footballer.

He just hasn’t quite been able to drag us kicking and screaming to wins off his own back this year. But he was at that level in 14/15, so has it in him.


Will go to another level in finals footy.

There seems to be a raft of players now that we have who look like they will absolutely excel the higher the pressure and the bigger the game.

Zach, Dys, Andy. The bigger the game the better the performance.



Really insipid performance from this bloke today.

In before the: “Yeah. Nah. It was a one off.” Horse ■■■■ that he’ll no doubt trot out after the game.

He needs to take a serious look at himself in the mirror this bloke.


Fark it I don’t know how to say it nicely but I wish he’d get a farking haircut. I know he’s got the surf image thingy and the young fans love it but sweet Jesus that ■■■■ has got to be distracting and limit your peripheral vision. Even a chop to ear level would be an 100% Inprovement. Ok thanks I’m sorry I’m just a very shallow person.


Should give up the captaincy


Not willing to hang him, though I always thought (and said) that it was stupid of the club to give any of the returning players the captaincy. They should have kept it with Goddard and just allowed the R12 to play footy.

Despite this, he would want to greatly improve next year.


And be replaced by?


He is the perfect example of our midfield. Not a modern day player. Its a shuddering thought that our midfield made Sydney’s look quick


You lot are a ■■■■■■■ disgrace.


Carrying a hip injury