#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Zerret was poor tonight but I would say him or McGrath in 12 months.

Yes I’m serious.

The only reason I wouldn’t make McGrath captain now is the low number of games he has played. That’s it.


why play him then? we don’t have a good record of players dealing with injury.


Zach Merrett is so obviously the next captain it’s not funny. Wasting time.


No idea…but he has been carrying for a while.
Get the feeling if he didn’t sit last year he would have been given time to get it back to 100


Making a 21 year old captain is what Carlton or Melbourne would do. It’s not a great idea IMO


Cutting my post from the other Dyson thread…

Dyson has hit a crossroads of sorts and has a MASSIVE pre season in front of him.

He is too slow to play on the outside

If he is to remain in the midfield he needs to be a contested beast, bulk up and find a mentor
If he’s going to be a playmaker - he needs to go back to half back


He’s no ordinary 21yo


Did not perform as required today. Very, very poor.

But I think he is a good player and I have faith. I think he’ll learn from this. He needs to.


True, but they said that about Trengove and Grimes too.


I respect your opinion a lot darli.

But Heppells on field leadership seems a little lacking…

  • he finds it hard to play on other good players that hurt him the other way
  • his inside midfield game isn’t supported by his thinner frame when compared to other inside bulls
  • he is very slow for an outside mid and his ball use this year has been average at best

He has played 4-6 very good games but has played far to many average games for my liking…

And if you’re the captain but consistently beaten by your opponent (granted they are typically the oppositions best 1-2 mids) it is not that inspiring.

I have his number on my jumper, I love him, he is probably the perfect off field captain this year but in terms of onfield captains he probably struggles I reckon.

Today he led poorly imo.

Leadership Group 2018 - Announced

If you think they’ll take the captaincy away from him after one year then you’re kidding yourself. It just won’t happen.


I’m not saying they will.

But they should


Total and utter fkn garbage. Who are you to judge the attitude and endeavour of this guy? Do you know how much missing an entire year impacts on the ability to pick up the speed and touch of Afl? Do you know if he’s injured? Tailing off after a long year without a season behind him? You dont know ■■■■, but we do know Heppell is as dedicated as they come.

The club put these blokes in this position and they’re all trying to find their way back. Criticise his form, but cut the snide comments on his integrity and effort. Go find your own fkn mirror.


Heppell, along with other whipping boys Myers and Colyer will be better performed next season. Coming back after a year off he hasn’t hit his fluent best once, and there’s a bit of rust in the system another pre-season should clear. Pretty confident he’ll be back to the player we remember.

Now he’s captain though I think he needs to add another string to his bow. Needs to up his game defensively and set an example. He’s never going to be a physical player, but the odd crunching tackle would be a good start.


Agree it’s harsh in the context of this year, but he’d want to come back next year a lot better.

I really worry that he’s too much of a good bloke to be a premiership captain. Most Premiership Captains aren’t like likeable; they’re ruthless, tough bastards who hold the entire team accountable. Hodge. McVeigh. Harley. Maxwell. Voss. Even Hird.
The most popular guy isn’t always the best leader, a trap I hope we haven’t fell into.


Possibly at new clubs…

I’d trade them if I had takers.


He had a mare today, it happens, don’t write him off.


Why did he decide to kick into the sun in the first quarter? Absolutely bizarre decision and reminiscent of Cotchin kicking against the wind Vs Port a few years back.


Dont disagree but the insinuation was that he’s letting the club down. Thats total crap.


Most of the mids need to. Why target Dys?