#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


He went from chocolates to boiled lollies from round 1 to round 2. Dropped easy marks to let Freo in for goals, and his kicking was so ordinary that he probably had a negative impact on the night.



Our best mids were butchering it, our gun forwards couldn’t near it and our best defender was having a shocker.

Surprising we even got as close as we did.


That was basically Zerret’s first preseason game and he ran into a hard tag. Hep doesn’t have that excuse


And I forgot to add in McGrath.

He too had a dirty night @ 56%, as a 1st drop mid.


Yep. Gets ragged dolled with those pencil hips, he is quite sloppy. Maybe his hair blocks his vision an all the gel or just unwashed grease in his makes him fumble an drop marks after he pulls all the hair out of his face. He ain’t A grade that’s for sure


He tried all night even if skills let him down. At least endeavor is there.


Actually last year was like that had a cracker in round 1 then went completely off the boil.
My concern is our game last night was very similar to the sydney final. Our leaders all failed miserably and seemed the most panicked and error laden out of the whole team. Hurley and heppel seem to hate playing interstate in particular, even zac merrett going quite again was concerning, these guys should be setting the standard.


Merrett has an excuse surely. Essentially didn’t play JLT or round 1 so this is basically his first game of the year. Plus many players struggle in their first game back from concussion


He’s a B grader that has flashes of being an A grader.


you didn’t…


Well… Bump…


Are you going to add something or are you just being a flog?


I’ll run with option 2.


He literally looked like a lost hobo running off for a spell at one stage.

He is not the right man to be captain.
When he and zaka ■■■■■■ up on the hbf his response, a hand pat and a hug, no anger , no geez we really duxked that up, just a , oh well .


Dyson is a good player. Decent about his head too. He’s willing and reads the play well.

He’ll always be that rung off the game’s elite mids though IMO due to two things; a lack of penetration in his kicking and the fact that he lacks pace.


How would anyone be inspired by this yeah nah she’ll be right Mick Fanning Wannabe?

He’s a c+ to b grade footballer who shows flashes of A.

Would struggle to think of a less inspiring captain in the 40 years I’ve followed the club.


I worry about Heppell as a footballer

He’s gone so far backwards since 2014. He’s always lacked pace but it’s showing up more and more, and lacks the physicality for a mid

I mentioned last year his footy is at the crossroads, he should have bulked up and stepped up to being a contested animal otherwise he’s just another half back flanker


I think he is putting in as much as he can. We could do a lot worse than him as captain.


On the field or off it?


shave all the hair off dyson it’s melting your brain