#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Least of our problems. Actually has a fkn crack and is not a pea heart like a good chunk of the side.


For a start he should shave off that damn hair and beard and start looking like a captain. If he wants to do the laid back surfie look then fine, but hand over the leadership role to someone that wants it. He’s the face of the club for goodness sake. Take the role seriously or quit the role.


Haircuts or whatever, I couldn’t care less. Let’s not forget TD was a knockabout country lad off the field too folks but captaincy wise, hard work, hunger, attitude and representing every man on the field - nobody tops him at the club in 40 years, maybe longer.

I don’t want to put a knock on Heppell but I’ve often felt that he’s just warming the seat for Zerrett who is unfortunately not quite ready for the mantle.


See ya then. I hear North are looking for members.

Get a haircut … ffs …


I don’t understand the criticism on this bloke and the fact it’s gone personal.

Not blessed with the full kit but he tries his guts out and would be in the top 3 in the B&F voting.

He made one absolute clanger that lead to a goal but other than that was a solid game amongst a group of average performances.


I have criticisms but I would like to think they are realistic ones. I agree that they shouldn’t get personal.

Dyson is a good player and I think he is the right fit for captain. Pretty sure that is clear mind set of the playing group.

Criticism of Dyson from my point of view is along the lines that he is there to win the ball at stoppages and that hasn’t happened enough. He needs to win the ball to make himself a threat because at times he gets embarrassed by his inability to defend against (oftentimes) quicker opponents.

I have also felt that his foot skills have let him down.


The thing im most frustrated with him, is hes showign almost none of the abilities he showed signs of early on. remember how he’d side step til the early morning then hid a somewhat floaty but accurate kick? take 3-4 floating marks off hbf and move it on fast to overlap run?

now he seems sluggish, cannot create space for himself and seems to back his loopy floating hospital kicking over the overlap of players like conor/zaka/saad/mcgrath. now admittedly 2 of those are about the same level of kicking as hepp, but they move way faster so can potentially break the lines to get it off to someone else.


How many premiership captains have dreadlocks?

If you think he’s entitled to look like a wanker captaining our club when we haven’t won a final in 14 years then good luck to you.

He’s as responsible for the onfield lack of effort by the team as the coach is.


If you want to criticize aspect of his playing (as I have done) or even his leadership skills, go ahead. Absolutely your right as a fan.

But I reckon we need to keep to that and leave off from getting too personal.


I don’t think the dreadlocks hold him back, just quietly.


Don’t be a farking peanut. His hair is of no concern to his playing ability, training or captaincy.


I wish… I WISH that Heppell’s hair was a our biggest issue.

Or even his biggest issue.


His appearance is indicative of his attitude about himself and those around him. It’s also so over the top it invites or perhaps even demands comment.

If you wore a fluorescent pink t-shirt with huge letters on it saying “I’m an idiot”, you don’t get to be upset if someone queries it.


Remember when lloyd made joe get a haircut so he wasn’t greasing up his hands before kicking at goal? or wiping it off his eyes during a marking contest?


If/when he plays like Fyfe or Martin, he’s entitled to draw attention to himself. Until then, calling out his appearance is not being a peanut.

There would be a portion of players who think his and Daniher appearance are not indicative of striving for a flag.

Hurley isn’t walking around with his Wolf beard not long locks for a reason. Trust me I’m far from conservative. Richmond won the flag due to 1%’s and I’m not the only one who believe that this falls into that category


People talking about him giving effort. Effort is the absolute minimum that any player should be giving, let alone a captain.


Who cares what hair style he has? Obviously you do. His hair is not what makes him the man he is and the player he is. Frankly, I don’t think he is anywhere near the player he was, before having 12 months off. However, I hope he will work his way back into form and improve his hand and foot skills. I’m hoping.


JJ looks like a fool with his hair. Didn’t stop him smashing us.


To have our captain running around with a 17yr old kid’s haircut is embarrassing.


Fair point.

Talent to burn. Is only consistently great when playing us. Looks like a fool and could be anything if he applied himself the way he did in the second half of 2016.