#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


I’ve read some tripe but that takes the cake! lol

I can see the sub-category under the 1%'s tab: hair cut to a reasonable length, beard shaved off.


Couldn’t give a stuff about his hair cut or beard.
He gives his best every week and the reality is he probably is the best option for the role at the moment but that is more so a reflection on where we are at as a club, a team filled with nice guys on the field. To watch us get physically bullied and mentally beaten down against sides with lesser talent just reminds me of team’s like Melbourne through the 2000’s and Carlton of the Judd era. Hepp is never going to be a Hodge, Jono Brown, Voss or Archer on field presence but he could look to Trent Cotchin as someone who managed to change the way they lead on the field. Won’t be popular opinion on here but Cotch was in a very similar position before working it out last year.

It’s not just the captain though. Yesterday Woosha said it wasn’t about our personnel and in some ways he is probably right because we could’ve fielded a few different players but that doesn’t fix the underlying problem. It’s going to take a shift in the whole group culturally before we get anywhere.
Luke ball was hired for this reason, right? Good luck.


Ultra inspiring when your captain has the hair cut of a 17 year old Rastafarian when he’s never played in a winning final.

His players are making onfield decisions
like they’re stoners so he may as well look the part.


Don’t be ridiculous.


Each to their own.

All about setting standards to me. Wouldn’t care less if we weren’t the rabble we are.

Probably clutching at straws but after 14 years of groundhog day I’d like change no matter small it is.


Hepp needs a responsible hairstyle reflecting leadership and a hard work ethic.


Blitz: There’s an institutional mediocrity at Essendon preventing us from ever being great again, no stone should be left unturned in trying to correct this

Also Blitz: There’s nothing wrong with our captain presenting himself like a homeless person




I have heard some rather funny stuff in my life, but this goes pretty close to the best. Just waiting for the scientific research that shows that a guy can’t football or captain because of hair cut and facial hair…I mean when I had my long hair and a beard as a captain we made a cricket g/f, I got a hair cut and shaved, we finished bottom last year and 5th this year…goes to show I need long unwashed hair and a full beard for me to captain well and play good cricket


The Great Hair Debate


Captains come in all shapess and sizes…




Never mentioned his beard champ.
I’n saying that Joe’s mo’s got to go!!


Isn’t the mo for charity?


Hope so. Long charity run if it is.


gotta love that. Poor fashion all in the name of charity. You never heard Matthew Lloyd say “I’m going to remain perfectly groomed for charity”…


Champ…cheers I go ok at cricket


Good hairstyle, bad hairstyle. Not really the problem. Good player, great player on his day but I still don’t rate him as a captain. Seemed like he got the gig for being a nice bloke when Jobe got the ban. Might even be affected by the pressure, who knows?


Don’t rate Heppell because Campbell had to apologise for his tweet?

Even though after reflecting on the tweet and the game Heppell actually agreed with Campbell?

“Yes, we did let them down - I have no issue with Xavier’s tweet,” Heppell said.
“That’s the way it is and that’s how we feel as well. We definitely let ourselves down, let our fans down and let the club down.”


Heppell publicly disagreed with the CEO and the coach in 2017 in separate occasions. Oh he walked that back? Great. He still put it out there.