#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Now there’s a captain


So does that make him a weak captain, or a strong one?
I suppose whichever fits the narrative.


I don’t think it makes him a weak or strong one, it shows that there is disunity in the club


I love Hep but in the modern game he is a HBF and would be a damn good one. As a mid he cannot run both ways, a defensive liability but as a defender he can read the play beautifuly and is a great mark for his size. Our midfield is so bad though it can’t afford to lose him. It might be time to play players in their best possie I think and fill the gaps with what we got.
At least then you know what you need to fix going forward.


So if he has a haircut and goes to the HBF, who will be our senior midfielder who plays inside?


The best half back flanker in this year’s draft


Does anyone think having such generational players as our last few captains influences what we expect of Dyson? Hird and Jobe were inspirational leaders, notably on the field, with brownlows to their name (get farked cotchin/mitchell) and some breath-taking anzac day moments to boot.

Hepp seems a good communicator, a bridge between the returning ASADA players and the youth of the next brigade. What he brings as a captain may not always be reflected in his performance but if it is, should we expect less than game-saving goals against WCE? This is not to say I don’t believe he needs to improve, he has some noticeable deficiencies of late but I’m sure as a peer-elected leader there are qualities he is chosen for that is unbeknown to us being outside of the inner sanctum

I’ll back him in, whether he ties his hair up in pigtails or military cut.

farkcarlton, farkport and farkeagles.


That’s the problem. We have no one near good enough. I fell for the Stringer inside bull stuff pre season I’ll admit. He will take time at best.


The issue I have is, he is not an inside mid and he is not a winger. We are playing him in the wrong positions

He often lets the opposition mids, walk it out of the center - as his does not have a quick side-step or a quick 3-4 step, hold the ball in or quick acceleration to stop the opposition midfielders. His does not have control over his short release kicks (15-25 meter) and his hand balling is not sharp enough.

I think he needs to go back to the HFF (when he won the RS) - one of his best strengths is his football IQ and ability to read to the ball in the air. Marking overhead, with the 2/3 of the field ahead and the ability to kick down the line or switch across the field (focusing on 35-40 meter kicks)

When he is marking above his ahead and releasing the kick, he does it with confidence and confidence improves his field kicking. He covers great distance each game, so give him the freedom to read the ball coming into the backline and get to the contest.

I also don’t think he is the right person to be captain (and he probably would be fine with a strong leadership team around him) - but our team is devoid of on-field leadership. So we require the captain, to be strong vocally and physically on field, which is not his character.

That is not a knock on him, but the way he presents to the cameras off-field and on-field towards the players is similar. That is fine, that is his personality - I think he would be a great VC playing off HFF.


heart of a lion and gets contest to contest but ■■■■■■■ hell is he slow and gets caught and dishes off terrible disposals so many times a game


Perception vs Reality:


Well the club has its own computer games team and that’s for 17 year olds.


He is so underrated on here it isn’t funny. I don’t know what people expect from him, but he is a damn fine footballer and is exceptionally consistent. He is never going to do things Hird could do, but nobody can. That shouldn’t be a mark against Hep.


What’s your point? Nobody is saying he isn’t trying his best


His point is that he is not as slow as people make him out to be.


Fair enough then. My apologies deckham


Underrated? Gee now that’s the complete opposite of what i see on blitz, I would say our own fans overrate him if anything. Tries hard but just a good average player, by no means A grade.



I am more worried about the crap that comes out of his mouth.


Such as?