#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Kicking was pretty mediocre, but we never would have won without Bison today.


It’s because he had a sharp short back and sides haircut when he started his career… no wait…


Pressure ratcheted up that much since 2011, plus midfield instead of half back, plus would get 10x more work put into stopping him now.


Agreed. Seems he isn’t aware of his limitations by foot though and he tries to bite off too much. Most of his shockers are when he tries to be too creative and go for the “money” pass instead of going the safer option. Needs to stick to extracting the ball and getting it out to our better users


His kicks when he is out in the open that concern me.

He has always looped his kicks but he’s taken that to a new level.


was really good today…except for his kicking which was very poor.

His work in close was top notch


id be happy if his kicking were just average, but it really detracts from the good stuff he does.

needs to improve it really quickly or he will be found out as a footballer imo


Have you ever been in a leadership position?


Led the team well today. Kicking wasn’t fantastic however his effort was brilliant.


Was hard at it today, played like a leader. However, as has already been stated, kicking was subpar to say the least.


Interesting question about Heppell that a mate posed to me today.

What aspect of his game is he really good at?

He’s not a really good inside extractor.
He’s not a really good runner - he’s actually quite slow.
He’s not a really good kick by any means.
He’s not a big strong presence.

I still love the guy but its an interesting discussion. Elite good bloke? Is that about it?

(and yes, he has elite hair/beard, so don’t bother pointing that out)


elite reader of the play, substantially above average overhead mark, incredible tenacity at the contest

issue with hepp is just when he disposes of the ball and glacial pace


He can be Jobe Mk 2 if he works on his core, quads etc
Get him Jobes boxing coach. Jobe was slow, av. kick but worked hard to become the guy who could stand up in a tackle and dish out a hand pass, thirty times a match.


I don’t think he can. his arms are extremely weak in the contest, and if how ever many years hes had in the system hasn’t fixed it, it won’t be.

I know HAP rates him as our best contested mid but thats more an indictment on the rest of the side, hes a great breaker uperer of play. to grab something from another sport.


I absolutely agree with the tenacity and the overhead mark thing. And he seems a good reader of the play at least. But as a midfielder, none of that matters if when you get the ball you can’t get it to someone else


Set the standard today with his attack on the ball and hunting the opposition - Very good game.


He’s no Dangerfield either


I have my heart in my mouth every time Dys, BJ, Hooker or JD get the ball and start to look to get creative with their disposal at the moment…

A few more efforts like today though and I might get over it.


His readying of the play is what he is “really good at”


I reckon Heppell has elite endurance, and is elite in his reading of the play\game\footy IQ.
I don’t think his inside play\extraction is elite - but it is very good and I think is being under-appreciated.

I also think we are not currently seeing him at his best. Go back to 2014 and he was Hird-like in influencing games from the engine room - weaving his way through heavy traffic, well-weighted kicks to advantage and creative handballs to release players in better positions. He has a good ‘step’ which allows him time and I reckon he is an intelligent user of the ball generally.

His kicking was awful today - and hasn’t been as good since he has returned to the game - but I don’t think it is as chronic\entrenched as perhaps is being suggested.