#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


I think Hepp’s effort yesterday was fantastic- he led by example & was vocal when needed. Kicking efficiency wasn’t his best but you can’t question the effort he put in for 4 quarters. Perhaps those criticising weren’t there.


LOL, absolutely nobody is questioning his effort.


If langford kicked as bad as hepp yesterday, he’d be shot and delisted.


couriered straight to the glue factory


left to rot in the field


If you want to hate-wank yourself into a lather over “elite” this and “pure” that, go for it.
He’s a ■■■■■■ good footballer. ■■■■■■ good at a lot of things.End of.


Appeared more vocal and willing to direct other players at set ups. Not as laconic as in the past, played with more presence. The kicking was woeful but will improve.


Or just look up the definition yourself and learn something?

Long kicks to a contest are effective, whether your teammate mark it or not.


HAP, inflammatory question (because i know you love him as a contested mid), but if through some miracle guelfi and say a clarke cement themselves in the midfield as capably contested/clearances, would you be opposed to heppell being full time sweeper/intercepter?


reckon its total rubbish then, especially when gettable options are available.


Hey! I actually like him. Really like him. I just think it’s an interesting discussion. Most elite level mids have one or more aspects of their game that they are amazing at - great hands, great spread, visionary by foot etc. I was just saying that I don’t see what that characteristic is with Heppell. That’s not to say he isn’t a good player, he is, it’s just a discussion point.


Also, on the first draft of that message, elite level mids kept appearing as ‘elite level mods’. Hi @DJR


always pictured him as a joe type, laughing at mistakes and ■■■■.


I bet he has some wrist twirling action at his computer but I highly doubt it is Blitz related.


Hugely hypothetical, but no, not really.

Realistically he’s more likely to go Hodge style, and put himself where he’s needed.


Our senior blokes, Hepp, Goddard, Hurley, Zaha were all very hard at it, as were just about the whole team. Hepp was floating his kicks, did have a shocker that way but was otherwise brilliant. I reckon they got a feel for how hard at it they’ll need to be all year and what they need to work on skills wise after the repeat efforts have them gasping. Invaluable. Would’ve been more impressive if they had a ruck though. Belly had it easy, though was very good himself.


I reckon that is his strength, he’s hard to pin down, and able to hurt you in 5-6 different ways.

Get hard into him at the clearances, he’ll drop back to half back and sweep. Beat him there, and he’ll launch from half back and work his man over with gut running. He’s very good overhead, so he can sit deep and intercept.

So he’s deceptive - he is very very good at a lot of things.

He’s had a few bad games here and there, but I reckon he’s had max 2 or 3 quiet games in his whole career - and he’s into his 6th or 7th season now? That happens for a reason.


makes up for whatever flaws he has by being absolutely everywhere, running behind for hand offs, at the coal face, tackling hard, filling space defensively


Easy around the ground but couldn’t convert the ruck advantage to centre clearances. Port did very well to rove to him, which admittedly isn’t the most difficult thing the world to do, his hitouts are pretty predictable.


I think Hepp was better against Port, because his hair looked a little neater.