#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Yeah agree with all of that, good analysis.

What’s your current take on his kicking? A lot of his strengths (marking, endurance, reading of the play) can be negated if he’s not hitting targets once he gets the ball.


He’s kicking like ■■■■ right now.

Deep, thoughtful analysis, huh?


He went to ground on a few occasions yesterday when he shouldn’t have and coughed up a few but otherwise he was pretty good



He’s just… good!

“If you take apart a cat to see how it works, the first thing that happens is you have a non-working cat” - Douglas Adams


The only stats that matter: number 2 (back and sides), number 4 on top


Dude sounds like he’s speaking from experience which is a bit weird


I think Hepp is still getting comfortable finding his level between on-field leader and pure player. Sometimes, when this is not 100% instinctive, the mind can go into little freezes. It needs to get to the stage when he can instinctively lead without looking inwards so that his mind will free up to play as he can play.


It’s funny how so many posters talk about our future best 4 or 5 mids and always leave out Hepp. He’ll be a gun for at least another 5 years. If we somehow end up with 4 or 5 better mids then him we’ll really be laughing


What’s his strength? He’s a f*cking competitor. That’s why he’s in and under contests, it’s why yesterday he had 5 clearances, it’s why he had 13 contested possessions, it’s why he’s a good intercept mark (often backing into a contest in doing so) and it’s why he’s the captain.

No doubt his kicking is a bit shonky right now but his confidence in it will come back.


Why is that?


Why will his kicking improve? Practice and games. He can appear laconic, but he is driven to succeed. Don’t let the hair style fool you.


If we achieve nothing else this year can we PLEASE stop using this word out of context!




All these laconic comments are driving me crazy.


I got 3 years of laconic use built up after ryder left.


Wouldn’t “Laconic Comment” be an Oxymoron? @Alan_Noonan_10


How’s this -
All these commentuos laconities are driving me crazy.


You’re already regretting this post, yes?




Said laconically