#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Now that’s laconic


I think Kyle Langford plays the game in a laconic fashion.


I seriously hate every one of you.


I’m laconically hurt.


Does a comment need to be more than one or two words?


I think the problem is that the number 30 is laconic


This is one of the more clueless (and utterly irrelevant) things you’ve ever written on this site. You have as little of a clue about basic human interaction as you do about football

PS: learn to proof read if you actually want to people to be able to read your insane ramblings






Always keen to hear what David King reckons … :smirk:


I reckon everyone runs off him so fast because his dreddys smell ■■■■■■■ rank.


did a quick review of hepps first qtr.
of his 11 disposals

2 direct kicks to port players.
2 were handballs directly to players who had a man on him and was in a worse position than him
2 looping kicks, one to tippa, one to begley in the middle on defesnive 50. begley had to jump high but maybe could and should have marked it

3 disposals hit their target, 2 were 2 meter handballs to players, and one was the hit up lead of stewart on the wing, even that one was a high kick, but i’ll give him that he meant it so stewart could jump and outmark his opponent.

2 were just kicks to 50/50 contests, neither good nor bad.

His effort was there yesterday, but his decision making and skill is below woeful at present.
Until he gets more confidence back, someone needs to tell him dermie mantra, know your limitations son, and pinpoint passes in traffic is not your go hepp, so stop trying to do it.






Hep training on the outside oval with Dea. Not involved in main training.

Training report Thursday 19 April

Are you up to doing a training report ? SofStar?


Main training is on Sunday

Just light sesh today, probably plenty of players who don’t do the early in week session in full. Especially those that run as much as hep on game day

Training report Thursday 19 April

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Training report Thursday 19 April

I don’t agree with much of what the captain has to say in this article. Although who knows context and all that.


Watch the video on the club website with the full press conference if you want context.
There are a few things that are questionable but most of what he says is spot on