#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Worst captain I have seen represent our club


Great bloke tho guys.






Actually leading possession getter, had 5 tackles and only 3 turnovers. Wasn’t a terrible game but based on you lot it was the worst game he has ever played.

I get the frustration at what’s going on but at least direct it correctly.




Likes to hug the opposition players after a loss. Great bloke


Bet you never have one then


“Dyson, how do you explain that second half?”

“It’s hard to put a finger on it really.”

I’m sorry? What? It’s bad enough that you look like you smoke drugs but are you actually under the influence now or what?


Dyson Heppell: “If you take out the third quarter we win”

Good point, Doice.


Terrible mentality


I thought he was OK today but it’s oretty clear to me he is not a leader, not the man to captain us


Utter embarrassment to the club. This ■■■■■■■ skilless clown couldn’t lead a dog to a bowl of pal. As long as he is the face of the club, we are going nowhere. Have a look at him. Looks like a ■■■■■■■ hobo. Plays like one too.


That’s a shame. I’ve heard he speaks very highly of you. :wink:


You mate are a a pure 24 carat Richard Edward.


What kind of midfielder is Heppell? He’s not a strong bodied inside, he’s not a hard running outside. He’s not a goal kicking mid or a defensive shutdown mid. He’s not a tough in and under mid, nor the inspirational come with me type. I like Dyson but he’s blandness sums up the entire team. I cant help but think the hair and beard is the only way he can stand out.


Dyson would look much better in a better midfield.

He ideally would be the third or fourth best mid in a good side.


Personally I think he’s a very good player. Go back and watch his game vs Hawks in R1 2017.

Its poor coaching wrecking this team.


He is a HBF and a good one. Reads the play well, is a great mark and courageous as they come. His weaknesses such as kicking and being burned on the turnover aren’t as exposed on the half back line.
Unfortunately our midfield is absolute tripe and he is needed in there. Hoping his career isn’t damaged by inept coaching and list management.


What? Surely he didn’t actually say that?