#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Fights hard but his disposal is horrendous.


Yep, he did, it was a fox footy cross to Heppell after the game.


Wow…just wow


I’m not a savage on here as some about Hepp.

I think he is having a serious dip ‘most’ of the time. I think he says all the right things your supposed to say.

But his kicking has become a serious liability, he isn’t alone in that department.

The problem for me goes back to the basic of the leader-follower philosophy. Leaders lead by creating followers, followed follow leaders. It’s sounds basic and obvious, but it’s so often missed in assessing leadership positions.

Hepp is leading, the way knows and thinks he should. Problem is nobody is following. I see this as the same with a Woosha. At some point either of them have to find away to get the team to follow them or they will die lonely failures from the group perspective.

The sad part is, if there is no intervention soon I could invisiage a need to trade Hepp at the end of Woosha contract should they continue to fail.


He isn’t a half back but he isn’t a big bull stoppage specialist mid either and he never was that type of player.
His best football was played sweeping around the contest while Jobe was winning the first possession. He doesn’t have that option at the moment because we have no one there who is able to provide what Jobe was able to.
As for his kicking woes, you can cop some of the hack kicks forward under pressure but there is no excuse for missing his targets in space like he has been.


Need a new Captain. But don’t ask me who.


Lovely kick for goal. Horror show everywhere else.


We all mocked fark Carlton and Marc Murphy, remember?



Good interview. Wasn’t keen on him bagging out player disposal considering his is so average too


It has me worried that the players hurting the most, based on their interviews are the ones that are also so damaging to the team with their actions. so we’re gonna see forwards get dropped because the midfield cbf moving when we’re trying to get it out of our defence…


He can go back to the twos for his farking kicking


Tell me more about this Essendon game style Mr heppell


Has he lost the respect or faith of the players? That’s what counts. If not then talk about him needing to step aside is bullshit.


Only 3 direct turnovers, but how many indirect turnovers where he either kicked/handballed to a contest (to the opponents advantage), or to someone’s feet under more pressure.


Who else would you get lead this team? Cale maybe, Zerret maybe or BJ as a stopgap?
The team is so devoid of leadership I actually think a first year at the club player in Smith would be second only to Heppell be the right man for the job.


I personally think KPIs should lead the club.


I think you have hit the nail on the head KG. We are missing that in and under “big bull” player so that our mids around the contest can perform like they did last year. I don’t think we need a superstar in there, just a hard-nut. Crazy idea but would Bags be worth a try in there?


Offer cripps 2 mil a year and the captaincy, fk it


Of all that is going wrong atm, Heppells hirsutedness is the least of our issues.