#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


He’s kicking, is one of the glaring issues though. He is the worst kick in our side, by a fair margain. Not what you want from ya skipper


True. But I was reading the ‘get a haircut’ rubbish with some bemusement.


It’s only understandable if Myers had said that.


Yeah, it’s great. Give him the short back and sides. That’ll fix him up. I’m sure of it


Everyones ignoring how ■■■■■■■ rank dreads are.

smell like septic


Nope, not at all.
The players love him.
In all seriousness, he is a genuinely good guy.


Hep or worsfold? I think she was talking about worsfold( apologies if wrong)


I’d rather give the 2 million to clarkson. Actually I’d give him 3.


I was talking about Hep.


My apologies


Then that’s good enough for me. He is the least of our problems (though must improve his kicking).


Hepp. If he has the support of the players he remains captain and the discussion on his captaincy is probably mute at this point.


Needs to look at Cotchin.

Cotchin was bagged for years being a s*** captain but one day said “enough is enough” and the rest is history.


What about Ambrose in there.


Not sure how the discussion is mute!

He’s the captain of a side that is a rabble and is falling apart at the seams!

Can’t continue to blame the coach for that.

Some players like Hirdy demand the team follow him by leading by example.

I don’t mind Heppell but his performances are more about him than about the team.

Hirdy or even Jobe legitimately left everything out on the field and were prepared to get hurt to ensure the team would follow their examples.

If it’s good enough for Cotchin then maybe Heppell needs to address a few things.


Nothing would make me more happy than to belt Carlton and get our season back on track.


In what universe does beating Carlton get our season back on track?
At best It puts a very tiny band-aid over an amputated leg.


True but it might kick start the season.


…and you would know, Sideshow barnz. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In terms of his stats, Hepps is having his best year since 2014, when he was only ahead by 0.03%. He is also top of the list at Essendon and, according to Finalsiren.com, he ranks 9th in the entire comp. So I don’t think it’s fair to argue that he isn’t leading by example, or leaving everything he has on the field.