#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


I’m not concerned with what final siren says. My concern is that he is effectively our main clearance player but is still very much an outside player.

You can argue that Myers role is to be the enforcer but for mine if Heppell was playing the inside role then we would have no value with Myers.

In my opinion Heppell would be far more valuable sacrificing his game so that others can flourish.

As I said above I don’t mind Heppell as I think he was the obvious choice at the time but he’s not doing anything out there that he wasn’t doing previously. He’s effectively the same player he has always been and I would have liked to see him take on more responsibility.


Most uninspiring EFC captain I’ve ever seen.


Bland is a really good description. He’s Beige.


If no one is following, they are not leaders. Leaders don’t create followers, people follow them.


That why Myers is in there. But everyone on here rubbishes him.


When is the last time Dyson put on a shepherd, laid a crunching tackle or bump? Needs to get some aggression into his game, and needs to get it out of his teammates too


Agree, we’re saying the same thing.


■■■■ me, can this guy just not jog in front of ■■■■■■■ teammates that are about to kick? happened like 5-6 times on the weekend.


I’ve read a couple of articles by a guy called Sam Walker who writes for the Wall Street journal.

He’s written books on sports leadership. He’s researched many of the greatest teams in all types of sports throughout the world. Very interestingly He found that all the greatest teams had the same type of Captain.

Personality of each captain was introverted. They rarely gave Team talks. They hated the spotlight and talking to the media. Often when the team went out celebrating, the captain stayed at home. They refused to talk at sponsorship endorsements, etc.

Apparently each of them was driven by the same thing, the team ahead of self. Team achievement always ahead of personal accolades. They were willing to sacrifice themselves, physically, mentally, verbally, and publically for the teams achievements. These captains have been willing to take an opposition player out of the game, by causing physical harm on them, if they believed it would lead to the team’s goal. Ie. Roy Keane.

They rarely give team talks. But they were upfront, brutal with opinions, told it like it is, and never backed down from what they said. They also wanted the same feedback from the players. They used non-verbal communication a lot of the the time. If a player got a stare down from the captain, they knew exactly what they did wrong.

The players walked taller knowing that their captain ‘had their back’. Especially in the coaches meetings. It’s not unusual for the coach and captain to constantly clash.

The issue with these types of players is they are hard to identify. It often a huge gamble to give a player like this the captaincy. Imagine Paddy Ambrose being named the captain. There would be serious questions being asked, But IMO suits the criteria. The only other person I could think of was Hurley.

There’s a bit of a video below and he’s named the most underrated captains in history.


probably better to make your video a html link that people click, broken when embedded.

what i get from that video is it should’ve been baguley.


I’m told that Ken Fraser was a brilliant captain and that the relationship between him and Coleman was great, possibly reflecting that they were similar quiet but confident articulate types without big egos who did not blow their own trumpet. He would round up the troops on the field through some of Essendon’s greatest years. Of course he had some great players but they were cohesive.
It’s much harder these days with constant media exposure and expectations that the captain will do promotions for the club and within the coterie/ sponsor groups.


Roy keane is a tremendously outspoken egomaniac, not sure hes a good example for the type of captain you’re promoting. it wasn’t a stare with keane it was a physical demonstration.


Ken Fraser was a great captain and wonderful CHF, but a terrible schoolteacher.


There was a TV show a couple of years back about the AFL captain. It was basically a handful of AFL captains talking about what it is like to be an AFL captain. It included people like Jobe, Pavlich, Boak, Riewoldt, McVeigh, Jones were few.

Jobe was very hard to watch. The saga obviously taking its toll.

But I found Cotchin to be the most interesting. He showed a lot of self awareness, was reflective, put his role and that of being an AFL player in perspective.

After the show a lot of people on here bagged Cotchin for not being very ‘captainly’ and not being focused on football and the team and well a bit thoughtful and unmanly. But I thought to myself, geez this is the guy who I’d follow.


Sheedy didn’t mind changing the captains around. Maybe this how you get more leadership out there.


Think it was less about performance as captain than passing the baton. It was not a put-down to be released from the captaincy.
I feel sorry for Hepp for having to do that dorky postman’s promo.


He probably came from a background where there were no feral kids.


‘Leadership qualities’ has been a buzz word thrown around by this club for about 10 years. We drafted players because one of their key attributes is their ‘leadership abilities’.

I honestly don’t see it. I think the club has confused leadership abilities, with ‘good sportsmanship’.

We have a team of nice blokes, who wouldn’t put a foot wrong. They represent the Essendon brand well, on and off the pitch.


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