#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


I think “leadership abilities” is code for a type of player the way “excitement machine” is.


I think you screwed up your meme. Should say is emblematic


He was a teacher at my school and he was able to quietly get us to calm down and not burn the place down. He had the respect of all the bad kids and was able to keep control. Not a bad effort. As for teaching, i learnt heaps in Modern History - so i thought he was okay.


Bet that was after he finished playing footy.

Taught me geography in a Bomber premiership when he was captain. Probably had other things on his mind.


Yep, he had retired from playing but still actively involved with the Club. We used to see all the newbies prior to selection table, Sheedy would often drop by too.


Please tell me again how this bloke’s personal appearance isn’t a reflection of how unprofessional the entire organisation is.


Are there rules in his AFL/EFC employment contract that state he cannot have long hair like a Rastafarin and a beard?


Has a crack each week but offers no on-field leadership when the games in the balance.
When was the last time he laid a bone-crunching tackle?


had 1 tackle for the day

i keep calling Cathy at the club and telling her the excess hair on hepps head is melting his brain, and she just keeps telling me that if i contact her again she’ll call the police


I’m keen to see what ■■■■■■ product he’ll promote on Instagram this week.


It shouldn’t be, but it is looking like it will become one.

If I was the captain I’d call the barber into the club, sit down, take a short back and side, shave and then make every person from the CEO down in the football department do the same.

If they aren’t going to play like a team then they thsoyld try and look like one, starting with the same haircut. Mandatory till the season end.


Overpaid. Let’s get some underpaid plodders. Would be an improvement


Serous question. U reckon sheedy would have approved of him looking that way as his captain?


If you want a laugh, listen to his post game interview

Literally rolls out the same sh*t every week. I’d rather him not do a interview


yeah too right shakas


To be fair it’s all the media training.

I’m more concerned with his lack of leadership on field.


So you read my May 1st post in this very thread ?

Only I said Heppell should get a crewcut but keep the beard, and require all the others to go with crewcut and beard too:


“Yeah-nah look mate, she’s obviously disappointing I thought we had a good first half, really had a crack did the boys, had a good dip, but obviously that third was disappointing but I thought the boys had a good dip in the last. She’s obviously disappointing mate but we’ll have a big week on the training track, a real dip, and look forward to giving it a real shake next week, and a good dip”.


“I know fans and members are extremely frustrated and we are right with you - we are hurting more than anyone.”

k, look more apathetic than anyone tbh.


What the ???