#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


he’ll never be taken seriously till he shaves those sideburns.


Interestingly played mostly wing yesterday.

Not sure what that means long term but it’s better than having him in the centre all the time.


In fairness, so does Blitz.


1 tackle is indefensible though. Geez.


Look Heppell is a nice bloke.
No doubt about that.
Unfortunately, i don’t think he is the type of captain we need right now.
We need someone a lot more fierce / stronger / harder at the contest. Someone to set the example for younger players.


He is certainly setting the standard!


We as a collective are rolling out the same shiit weekly this year


I think the hair or beard is a charity thing. Raising money when he shaves for his charity.
I heard it on a podcast, but can’t remember 100%


His kicking is a charity.

Gives the ball straight to the opposition


Played well yesterday, disposal was clean and to advantage. I swear some of you watch a different game.


I was just being a smart ■■■ but I do agree with you.

I thought his kicking was better and I hope they persist with him in s more outside role where it’s more suited to his skills.

Zacha played the inside role yesterday and I thought he was excellent.


Yep Zakka played well. But seriously, if the rest of the side showed half as much heart as Hepp we’d be in a far better place.


So much heart he can’t be ■■■■■■ laying one decent tackle a quarter.


He can show as much “heart” as he likes but until his kicking and leadership improves out of sight, the criticism will come. Come on, 1 tackle in a game? From the captain??


I have been critical of D Hepp and my biggest bugbear has been his disposal. Yesterday he wasn’t too bad. But he does have games where he can be sub par.
Having said that I will never knock him for his endeavor. Always puts his heart and soul into the contest. I will outright say that he is a good player. I agree with KM here. He is not an inside mid. And that is what the club is using him as at the moment. In my opinion it exposes his weaknesses.


Does this ranking have more credibility than Champion Data saying we have the best under-25-years-old group of players in the league?


Stats mean bugger all.


They are part of the picture. I reckon Hepp has been one of our best this year, the vitriol he cops on here is a ■■■■■■■ disgrace.


To have one fkg tackle is a deadset embarrassment


Trade to Brisbane for Zorko