#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


We have 22 men out there on the footy field whose morale has been obliterated. Its not just 5 losses in a row that have caused that: none of the losses have been blowouts. Its leadership at the coaching and playing level that is lacking imo, but there may be some other reason for it, such as internal conflict about " the way we want to play" or something else. In time I suppose we will find out.


I said this 5/6 weeks ago and was rubbished.

He’s slow. He has poor disposal. Has poor intensity. Doesn’t pressure. Doesn’t tackle.

He’s good overhead, he has great endurance and he has good ball/game awareness. But he needs to add a few more strings to his bow pronto or he’ll be at the crossroads in another 18 months.


Mate make up your mind, are they pea hearted or have they had their confidence obliterated?

At the moment you’re simply talking for the sake of it.


Darli, read my post again. I never said the players were pea hearted. I said “the pea hearted way our team allowed themselves to be bullied by Carlton”.
I refuse to retract that statement. So don’t waste your time challenging me.


Go back to last week and the Goddard incident . Nothing. Totally disgusting.


Darli, I am going down to watch the 2s now, if you are there, we can chat and have a beer.


Couldn’t make it this week. Enjoy!


They do. Most of us are talking ■■■■■ about leaving, not turning up. I’ll never abandon them.


No doubt clubs know they can get to us physically and mentally.

Something needs to change soon!

I don’t condone violence but I would love to see Hurley or Smith line somebody up and run through them.

Pay the fine as Shawry puts it.


I noticed an incident yesterday when Mutch went to help up a FC player he had knocked over . Nice kid , but Saad took him by the elbow and led him away. Moral : Give em nothing.


Mutch should be dropped for that


Hurley is built like a HB pencil these days. He’d snap in two.
Sickens me when I compare the player we had in his first few years to what I see today.


Yep I remember saying he might kill someone with his attack on the ball! So far from that now…just a different player. Being played as a distributor currently and his distribution is ■■■■■! Oh boy!
Hope he doesnt have to wait till another pre-season to rebuild his aggression, confidence, sure handedness and kicking (and wrists or whatever else is wrong with his body)


It’s not about being like the 2000 side in terms of wins etc. it’s about having that mentality that you are not going to let anyone dominate you.


He likes the look, lots on here don’t like the look.
In any event, we have many more problems than Heppell’s hair and beard.


Well we can’t play too many kids at once. We already have McKenna and McNeice in remember.


Why not, they couldn’t play very much worse.


Sorry, that was in sarcastica font. Based on worsfold’s presser a week or two back when he said we’re already playing youngsters like McKenna and McNeice


very first sign of trouble? have you been awake the past 15 years? Theres been 15 years of utter tripe and supporters are rightfully sick of it.


Hurls had 1 also, Goddard none. These three are leaders of the team.