#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


I have been awake, thanks for your concern.

As to supporters being rightfully sick of it, that’s a matter of opinion. I draw a line at the end of 2015. I enjoyed 2016, I enjoyed last year. I enjoyed the two wins we had this year.

Sure there are issues to be sorted and I’m happy to support the team through those issues. Our ‘supporters’ can be a bunch of sookie la las at times and IMO they need to harden the ■■■■ up. Having said that it may just be the blitz mob mentality cause most supporters I speak to seem to understand there are things to be worked through.


Did you enjoy 2006? How about the Knights era? Oh, and the Hird days, were they pleasant times?


I actually did enjoy some of the Hird days very much. I also loved 1984 1985 1993 1999 2000 2001 … I get it’s been a long time since we’ve seen success… but I also get that there have been extenuating circumstances.

It’s called being rational and reasoned.

Try it.





Come on Dyson new era, turn the page, back on track, get a ■■■■■■■ haircut


I said the last 15 years. Of course someone would enjoy the period when we were successful


Yes I know what you said, but it doesn’t work like that. There are ups and downs, swings and roundabouts… I feel like we were in the cusp of success under Hirdy, and I also feel that what happened under Hirdy set us back 5 years. Yes I know that sounds contradictory, but both statements in isolation are true.

I get that people are upset, their expectations were high this year, perhaps they shouldn’t have been.

Personally, I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse, and I have confidence this group can improve quickly. That’s enough for now.


2012 was fun for a half and 2013 felt like I was someone with a terminal ilness, just waiting for the inevitable.

Swings and roundabouts yes, but the fleeting moments of hope have all bit been snuffed out by tsunamis of mediocrity, and ultimately becoming more cynical everytime the hope was extinguised.

Hey maybe you found some enjoyment in it all, bit for a 24 year old I really question what the club stands for, all I’ve experienced is misguided hope and disappointment.


Yeah I get that. But perhaps some perspective is in order. We were good at times under Hirdy, bordering on great. Circumstances stole what could have been. It has to be taken into account.


You two are taking the discussion away from the serious topic.



The dreadlocks can go too


Happy Birthday Dys.

Hang in there kiddo, it’s always darkest before the dawn:


Seems like I’m in the minority but I think he is a solid captain. I back him to get us through this.


Still look Amish to me. Ive seen the 1985 movie Witness. I’m not sure Amish captain Abraham is inspiring us to greater deeds.




Takes Goddards position at HBF, play to his strengths - build his confidence and go from there.

Back him in


In this sport, If there’s a feedback loop of disconnect between players-coaches/coaches-coaches/players-players/executive-footy department then the Captain’s position becomes more or less impossible. Counter productive actually because he cannot defend all things and critique all things simultaneously and becomes neutered as an influence.

Fix the off field garbage. Fix selection ( he talks about finding players who will play our way, then the coaches keep the exact lineup. Repeatedly.). Fix the plans and structures so that he (and the group under him) can actually buy into it truthfully without mealy mouthed agreement.

This lad is Essendon through and through. He’ll see us right imo, as long as the rest of the club stop creating idiotic spot (and sometimes raging) fires for him to deal with. He looks mentally exhausted but he’s a tough and determined kid.

If yesterday helps to unite and streamline things a bit, it’s the first step for allowing Heppell to get back to doing what he should. He’s not immune from needing to find some confidence, not just in himself but perhaps more crucially in the entire club.


and all that stops him laying a tackle? Could we possible come up with any more excuses for the bloke?

Typical Essendon of late - it’s always somebody elses fault!! The backbone of the club’s cancer.


Dunno. What’s more likely? That he just can’t be arsed laying a tackle or that his brain is scrambled with positioning, setups, directing etc?

He’s averaging 4.5 tackles per game this year (more than Dangerfield,. Dev is averaging an incredible 8!) Had a shocker v Carlton on this front but things are imploding right now.


I believe this plays a lot into the team’s disposal woes too. If Neeld was the confusion and we can now simplify instructions I think we’ll see the skill level rise too. Fingers crossed we get whatever was wrong corrected cos it’ll simultaneously improve skills, reactIons, natural footy nous across the group.


Well given Laverde had zero tackles and 9 disposals, his omission would seem justified.