#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


I agree, but he’s not alone in his poor output.

I think we need to continue to look at him for the remainder of the year to see what he can do. If we don’t see improvement I would move him on.

Some other more established players might appreciate a run in the 2’s though to think about whether they really want to represent this club.


OK. Maybe we can let him off this one time - as long as he gets a hair cut.


Laverde’s hair should be the example for the team to follow.

It’s all business


Yep, and how is that working for him?


well his hair is perfect.


Have you seen his girlfriend?


Then maybe she could play instead.
Looks like Jane, plays like Jane.


Yep, think the remainder of this year is important for Laverde.

He doesn’t do anywhere near enough for mine.


And get Guelfi back in as example of sensible hair


Agree completely. Do people seriously think he’s just suddenly thought to himself: “I know, I’ll stop laying tackles, that’ll really help my team-mates”. Of course not. I reckon some idiot in the coaching department has told him to stay on his feet and be on the edge of the contest to receive or pick up the ball rather than getting in the thick of it. As a result of obeying these daft orders he’s not playing his natural game and, like so many others in our side, has list form and confidence as a result.

Come on people. Have a listen to the bloke. You may not like his hairdo or facial adornments but he bleeds Black and Red. He’d tackle an express train for the club!


or whats more likely - a club culture of never blaming anybody for anything and have effort on game day totally negotiable especially for the half the team that will never dropped in a blue moon.

What is Goddard’s excuse for not laying a tackle on 2 weeks? Is his brain scrambled too because he left the leadership group? What about the other 9 players who had 1 or less tackles? Scrambled eggs too?

God we need to harden up as a club.


I once saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vics…


Personally I like being caught in the rain.


I know it’s not in his nature but I would love to see Hep throw someone to the turf and if one of our players is getting roughed up then he needs to be first and last on the scene.
Teams know they can Bully us and it needs to stop.
Get some C*** about ya Hep.


What has he done this year, as a captain that’s inspired us, or lifted us? Even last. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went “that’s the way skipper, leading from the front” or just doing something inspirational

He’s the worst captain of this club I’ve seen


He tries his guts out. Players seem to respect him. Let him grow in the role.

Reckon you are being a bit harsh.


Opinion, sure, but don’t you think the players would be the best to judge that? They selected him after all.


Me too. Stood up when things got too much for Jobe during the saga and has been standing up ever since.

He’s still growing into the role, I reckon he’ll be one of the greats.


Now there’s a haircut you can set your watch to!


Id just like to clarify that I think Heppell is a pretty good player and I really rate him. He’s in poor form though (he was better against the blues) His kicking this year has been nothing short of diabolical though, which seriously needs to be fixed or he’s in trouble

I’m talking about what he does as a captain. @Heffsgirl I’m sure he tries his guts out, so do a lot of players. That’s not the #1 thing I look for in a captain, because it’s a non negotiable. If that’s the best answer anyone can come up with, or when @Darli says he stood up for Jobe when it got tough, for fks sake, these are just things any decent senior footballer would do. It furthers my point that he’s not a inspirational captain. Can anyone honestly, and il ask it again, because I can’t, remember the last time you saw hep do something on field that made you stand up and take notice? The last 4 weeks have been a utter joke, has he stood up once in that 4 weeks and lifted this side by an act of toughness, brilliance or unbelievable play? Nope. He’s wheeled out the same garbage in the post game videos though

I want my captain to lead by example. I want my captain to inspire me. I want my captain to make a stand during games and say enough is enough. Blokes like hird, Lloyd and Watson would find something, always, when the chips were down. I haven’t seen that from Dyson as skipper.

I just don’t think he’s the right man to captain this side, but I think he’s a more than handy member of this group and player