#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


I’m talking about all of last years hospital passing and this year. its not a rough patch, its total collapse.


Basically what barnz said, and I think on field leadership certainly isn’t coughing 8/10 passes to your opponent. If footskills is a focus (surely, it would be) would you take Heppell seriously when he’s near on the worst kick in the team? If the captain can’t execute basic skills well FMD

I think on field leadership is setting a standard to say “this is what the absolute minimum is you must bring”, on field leadership is about inspiring your team mates,and yes, leading by example. Anyone who has played any competitive sport would know that. Have you never heard of a captain leading by example? It’s only been said since the start of time. What areas on Heppells game does he lead by example? He wills himself to every contest and is pretty good overhead, il give him that. But he’s also slow, doesn’t apply enough defensive pressure and his disposal is a joke. Think about the areas we currently really suck in, and ask yourself how Heppell performs in those areas

Funnily enough, people are judged by what people see. Which has been the case, forever. You can be the worlds greatest off field leader but it doesn’t mean sh*t if your not a great one on field

Not once since the heat has been piled on has Heppell had a quarter (the third would be nice) where he’s gone “follow me” and absolutely stood up. He’s gone to water, just like everyone else. But hey, I’m sure he’s handing out plenty of bum slaps and “she’ll be right cobber” and such


Well it obviously hasn’t bothered his team mates as much as it has bothered you, because they voted for him as captain again this year.


i still think hes a marketing appointment.


Point missed. I’m making judgement calls based on what I can see. NOT what I would like to assume is the case outside of what I can see.

I don’t turn up to work, or front a multi-million dollar organisation, in Lycra. Small difference.


At least provide valid and real facts, not made up subjective ones.


sacked coach
sydney loss


Captain should always be the first one in to defend a teammate in a scuffle. Not jogging backwards past that scuffle.


That’s the part of my post you wanna pick? You know the point I was making, don’t be a c*ck


Murphy, Heppell, Cotchin.

2 years ago is was a case of who’s the worst and their leadership was reflective of the state of their clubs.
One decided to change his ways as a captain and remarkably he is now a premiership captain and a damn respected one also.

The other 2 are languishing at the bottom.


We have no better captaincy option on our list than Hepp, and on top of that, he has been our best player this year. Understand the complaint on here that he is a turnover merchant but I think that’s mainly typical BB confirmation bias. Also the facial hair is truly diabolical but I doubt that a bunch of 18-30yo players GAF.

His stats:

EFC coaches votes:
Hepp 14
Hurley 14
BJ 8
Myers 5 (all from Port game)
Devon 4
Zaha 4
Zerrett 3
McKenna 1
(Not particularly difficult to tabulate)


Heppell is not a very good captain, but the sad thing is that there’s absolutely no-one among the other players who is an obvious replacement. A good captain is not necessarily the best player on the team, or even one of the best; but it’s a player who always does his job, especially when the going gets tough, and who stands up straight and tall while he’s doing it.


Just to clarify, you don’t think he has turned it over a lot this year and that Blitz just made it up?

That fact that Devon Smith hasn’t got the most votes from our coaches, is further proof why we are in the state that we are in.


Mate they’re votes from both coaching panels, not just EFC


Clangers =/= turnovers, but:

And i agree that he has had problems with his disposal, but yeah I think the idea that he is having problems with turning it over heaps is a blitzmeme. My opinion is that it’s a function of his role of clearing it quickly from traffic.


Patrick Cripps is more of a turnover merchant than David Myers CONFIRMED


Thanks mate, understand that, i would have been clearer if I’d put it like ‘leaders out of Essendon players in the aflca voting’ or something like that (clearer but super inelegant).


Bullshit. It’s where & how you turn the ball over. He’s a specialist at going inboard with little to no pressure and turning it over. It’s not a meme, I’m Stupid enough to be at the ■■■■■■■ games seeing it with my own damn eyes.

It’s the same as Zaka. If you look at his stats it’s says his efficiency by foot is good. It’s not taking into consideration where he turns it over and the direct scores conceded to the opposition team in the process.


No being a ■■■■ is bashing a guy about something that isn’t correct.


I like Zaka but so many times he wins the ball in the corridor and misses a simple pass on a lead inside 50

Every farking week