#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Nice watch - good on you guys.


Had the better of his direct opponent Cotchin - It’s always a negative on BB if you win your position.


things i never thought i’d see WOB say…


Classy timepiece that. Who did you buy it for?


It adds to my collection Monsieur Bread.


Can you please get @Darli to buy more of my Essendon merch?


Depends what there is.

But it’s impossible to stop her buying Essendon stuff. Absolutely impossible.


heppell got worn like a glove vs the tiges and it hindered us,

opposition are putting time into him now because he’s been dangerous for a bit


Can anyone click through on the article on the afl site? Something about needing his teeth straightened and aflpa furious???


The aflpa bit was about the led sign at Geelong injuring zeibell. Heppell’s bit was him joking about having a loose tooth. He seemed happy and not upset with Hodge. Sorry cant paste the article.


Yeah the AFLPA bit was about the signage that affected Zeibell


This guy copped a lot on these boards a few weeks Avon particularly on his leadership. I think he has been a major reason for the improved performance. Been hard at it and seems to be leading the way. Very vocal before the game. It isn’t about bending BOG but putting head over the ball and leading by example. He is doing it now.


$8000 required in a week
Get it done Blitz.


Should get a haircut and shave his beard the dirty ruffian. What kind of captain looks like that? He’s an embarrassment to the team. Blah blah blah blah





I like his look. Can we start up a movement for keeping hair and beard?


Mile Jedinak seems to get no grief over the beard and he is captain of Australia FFS

The ranting of sensitive souls whilst we were losing games over Hep’s beard was amusing

Hep has had a very solid year. Good work lad!


but Mile has sensible haircut


If anything, people like him more because of it