#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


It’s the dreddys it always goes back to the dreddys



You can only have one.

And Mile’s beard is gloriously long and well kept. Wouldn’t see a homeless person with a beard like that.


I reckon we should buy him a Viking boat for Christmas and a new sword.


Port’s run home looks very easy. They could conceivably win the lot and if they do could finish top.

But they’re just as likely to drop 3 or 4 of them.



Couldn’t see this posted in here. Dyson was on the Captain’s Call podcast last week. It’s pretty interesting listening.


Excellent! Can’t wait to have a listen


I’ll just leave this here


Imagine if he cut his hair and had a shave


The young guns aren’t far behind. :smile:

He’s killing it.


$38250 so far
Well done everyone



Great effort! Nice to see a return to the Dys I know and love!


good stuff.


Wow. Now he will be able to lead from the front. Reckon the shaving of the beard will see him get an extra 25 possessions, 17 tackles and 4 goals.


The state of this thread if we lose…



Good work Hep!

I prefer him with the beard. Can we make this a poll?


now that’s a face you can set your watch too


Great work Dys! Got til Wednesday to donate if you haven’t.


Heppel Turn overs still hurt us.

He gets the ball so much, but his disposal can easily undo it quickly. there was a couple of times today he turned great efforts into turd sandwiches… which he could have turned into cucumber sandwiches… but becauce he was looking for 100s and 1000s on white bread… he ended up making turd sandwiches.
Heppel should not be allowed to make high risk kicks inboard… ever.