#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


And then there are those other times when he dives in, grabs a turd sandwich, and turns it into the most beautiful rib eye you could imagine.


You know how it is in here 'Boot, they see what they want and ignore all the other stuff that he does and that he does more often.


Now I’m not sure whether I’m hungry, or nauseous…


That passage of play where we were well on top in the third? And we were streaming through the middle and the ball came to Heppell and instead of handballing ahead to Bags who was running forward in acres of space, Heppell decided to stop and turn into traffic and handball to someone with an opposing player right on their hammer and was subsequently caught and pinged.

That was just… Almost match fixing. It was that bad.

He had a solid game overall though.

Hopefully just adjusting to playing without the homeless man beard.


Tidy up his kicking, going into F50 especially, and he becomes a top 10 midfielder in the comp imo


He was looking for me?


Gave 100% as always


Was BOG.

Blanketed Higgins after qtr time while really contributing himself.

Higgins was flying.

I was critical of his Captaincy last year. He has lifted this year and that was one of his best.


Yeah, he did have some major clangers. I think that’s what we have to accept from him though, along with his unquestionable effort. The handballs to the ground and kicks that fall short… Does a lot of stuff that goes unnoticed as well.


Great in and under and does some really good blocking off the ball but has to tidy his kicking up. Really poor by foot today and caused several turnovers. Thought he had turned the corner the last few weeks with it but not great by foot today


4 clangers (Merrett 3), 10 I50, disposal efficiency 79.4%, 4 tackles, 12 cp, 5 clearances

I would take that every week from him. Not saying he can’t improve his kicking but it wasn’t as bad as some make out.


the way he throws his body around with no care for his own safety is like the golden one of yesteryear

guts n balls are a good foundation for any great captain

good on ya dois.


He did a right foot kick that met a target.:slightly_smiling_face:


Agree with this, can’t question his commitment i feel he has improved in being a battering ram the past month or so but between him and hurley i feel their critical errors in the third let north back into the contest. It’s funny our leaders and most experienced players make me the most nervous with ball in hand especially when their looking inboard for a pass (hurley, heppell and goddard).


I dont think his kicking is that bad, but when it does go bad he really does screw it up.


Heppell leads by example on and off the field. Love his desperation. Reminds me of Cotchin, the way he flings himself around. I noticed last week Heppell won the toss and choose the NM end which I really liked because it meant the boys were coming home to the Essendon fans in the last. Normally whoever wins the toss kicks towards their supporter group behind the goals in the first.


His last 6 weeks have been fantastic, Getting close to his 2014-2015 standard, I expect him to be well in contention for an AA spot from next year, His best footy is still to come and as the team improves so will he.


It never is.


Needs to think about what type of player he is. If he’s a general mid getting 35 possessions a game, we aren’t going to go far as his kicking is bad. Opposition clubs must lick their lips knowing he is going to be taking so much of the field kicks.

Needs to remodel himself on Cotchin, bulk up and become a contested mid.

5 seasons getting lots of possession but not go anywhere as a team vs 3 years(before being cooked) play the contested beast role and maybe win a flag.


He’s a gem. Goes in and under and gives his all.