#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Pendles has five years on him

It showed today

Good learning experience

Got pantsed by one of the best

Will Want to forget that 4th qtr


Good today, but faded when he was needed most. Has had a good year and is better than most people think. Not far off being a gun.


Needs to fix up his kicking i close my eyes every time he has to make a pass


Another good game by the skipper last night.

Seems to be the only one who can read Bellchambers taps the majority of the time, if not it must be set plays designed to get him free from his man due to blocking.

Either way, he has stepped up considerably since the start of the season.


Since the Carlton game he has been fantastic.

He and Tommy seem to have built a great chemistry on ball at stoppages


Geez there are some muppets in this thread.


Still has room to improve, kicking needs work and he’ll know it and no doubt put a mountain of work into it during the preseason. He just needs to get more reliable and get rid of those turnovers, I’d put money on him doing so.

Changes to rules reducing congestion will make him (and Langford) even better, these two relish space.


I actually disagree with part of this. His kicking isn’t terrible, certainly better than what Watson used to do. For me he is never going to be an elite kicking mid but what he can focus on is making sure he improves his decision making. That’s what Watson focused on, getting in and getting the ball and making the right decision with it more often than not. That’s what Heps needs to focus on (which he is doing very well I might add).


Care to expand?


Not you


Agree, needs to realise his limitations and not bite off more than he can chew, don’t really want him to be the last kick in a chain or going inside 50 too often.

I like that he has sought after Cotchin for advice, they have had a pretty similar career path and he has had similar aspects of his game to work on as Hep.

Watson actually became a pretty good kick during his peak, was very good at hitting those diagonal corridor kicks, low, hard and accurate within 35-40m.


The knock to the head might have had something to do with that. He wasn’t as effective after coming off for the blood rule.


Currently sits at ninth in the coaches’ votes after grabbing all 10 for the weekend.


Has been fantastic. I was one of the his better on the HBF brigade. I was wrong.


Seriously if he keeps this form up for the rest of the season you’d have to think he’d be All-Australian.


Has had an incredible last 10 weeks or so. Certainly shut the clams of all who were questioning him, me included.


Hepps keeps humming along nicely.


Tried hard but was poor in the first and third quarters. Serviceable overall but far from his best


yeah, nah, he was better than serviceable.


He was our leading player in the first 1/4 and was…excellent.

Seriously the lack of love for this guy on this site is astounding.