#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


Just the 9 clearances.
Sheepdogging it out the back.


It is. I reckon history will tell a different story … has the potential to be our best captain since TD.


I thought Heppell had a great game but could have sworn he wasn’t in the top players for disposals that 1st quarter?


Think he was second behind Zaka with Parish third.


4 touches in the first quarter and two of them were in our defensive 50 for memory. If he was in our best for the first quarter it’s little wonder we trailed.
He was very good in the second and one of the reasons we stayed in range of them but today was nowhere near what he is capable of and I’d bet he would be disappointed in his performance.


his inability to kick is going to hold us back from getting near the top teams

unforgiveably bad at times under no pressure


This has got to stop… in every game his disposal is nowhere near as bad as blitz pretends it is … but this game … please


parish was leasing disposal getter to 1/2 time


At the game, his name wasn’t on the board. Few people made comments that he wasn’t one of the leading disposal getters.


Great team player.

IMO is sacrificing his normal more creative / attacking midfield role to play the inside mid bull poisition.


Him and Belly tonight were a good duo in the clearances. Reading each other beautifully.


Freo literally sat on him for 3 quarters before he managed to find any space. What they did was pretty blatantly illegal. They tackled instantaneously as he would touch the ball at stoppages. As far as I knew a player had to actually have possession before a tackle was legal, not imply possession with skin contact on the ball.

I though he was very good under the circumstances.


Another who concentrates mostly on the negative.




Since we’re talking kicking.

wtf do lefties telegraph where they’re kicking too so much?

him and myers its like clockwork, lean shoulders right, swing left leg out. rinse and repeat?

even zach, but he rips through the motion so quick no one has time.

joes probably our worst offender.


Almost as if - the taller you are, the more it’s telegraphed.
Who would have thunk it.


don’t see stewart get smothered much, except when he kicks it into the man on the mark.


Hepp didn’t stand out last night but doesn’t have to be, to be doing his job perfectly well. Wasn’t hurting them early, but kept accumulating and getting it to guys who could.

Crucial player leading the charge, in terrific form.


He’s way more effective when Zaka plays. Didn’t have to run the wings and played more inside. Didn’t get it as much but was better positioned to play to his strengths. Our midfield is now at full strength for the first time this year and the spread of disposal was good to see.


Maybe watch the replay and pay more attention. He was everywhere and in most plays, even if he didn’t get the ball. Not sure how you couldn’t see him stand out.