#21 Dyson "Good Onya Guys" Heppell


If I need to “pay more attention”, then he didn’t stand out.


I question that you watched the game if you didn’t see him.


26 disposals 2nd
13 contested 2nd
9 clearances 1st


I wonder if posting those stats for the 50th time will change peoples mind?


Yes, because I said that I didn’t see him.

Do you actually read the posts of people you go after?


They should.

oh and it is only the first time, but nice of you to keep score, I trust your judgment


no they wont. because like mrjez i don’t believe he had a good game. sorry for believe hepps better than he’s been this year though. i’ll go back to applauding our miraculous effort to be ■■■■■■■ 12 11th.

you’ve been posting hepps stats since the game thread. give it a rest.


Best way for you to get a rest is to go away. I will keep defending Hepps because he was very good yesterday and very good this year overall. You don’t like it, then don’t bother reading.


oh boy.


Be nice if you could actually make a comment about football once in a while.


yeah yeah IT.


you wanna know how the ‘discussion’ would go?

“I don’t think heppell is kicking the ball well, and doing some absolute hospital kicks”
‘post stats where hes going at 80%’
“mate 3 kicks in the 3rd quarter lead to the other teams goals”
‘posts same stats where clangers are <3’


Maybe when you learn how football works you can also learn how to post about football.


The strange part is that I think he had a very solid game, just didn’t stand out as damaging or best afield, and posted as such. But for some reason that poster only quoted half of a sentence, before the word “but”, and chose to go after that.


Has been good for most of the year.
Was probably our BOG for the second quarter yesterday but didn’t do much for a half of the game. Yesterday was solid but nowhere near his best games of the year


had them in a huddle at 3 qtr time, we came out and blasted away

did his job as captain


His influence can’t be measured in pure statistics. He’s really shown his mettle this year as a captain off the field as well as in the heat of battle. Yes his kicking could improve but for mine he’d be the first name on the team sheet even if he’d had one leg amputated.


I was surprised when I checked the stat sheet to see how many Hepp had accumulated. I thought he had a quiet game by his standards. Though I believe he had a role other than inside mid in the Freo game.

Hepp has pretty much been at the heart of the teams turn around in form this year. I absolutely cant fault his endevour at the contest and he has pretty much cemented his position as captain. If he can get his kicking into gear the he would be close to being the complete package.


I think Hepp has been a good captain this year and iv’e liked his attack on the ball and the way he has gone about it. I still feel he is overrated though, i wouldn;t have him in the top 30 midfielders in the comp because he isn;t damaging at all. A workhorse and leading by example but by no means was he one of the best the other day.


I’m sure I read somewhere that the kicking efficiency stat records any kick that goes more than 40m as effective. If that is true, the stat is complete nonsense and of no use in supporting any argument at all.

Not sure what the definition of a clanger is, but I’m assuming that a 40m kick that goes straight to the opposition is also not considered a clanger.